Portal to Sérannie

Standalone Portal Fantasy novel with a strong romance subplot. It is set in a parallel world to ours that can be accessed through portals. To our eyes, it appears very similar to the Roman Empire, both through its aesthetic and its society, although it is also a world filled with magic.
Romantic Portal Fantasy novel. Sérannie is a Roman-style society filled with magic. It is set in a parallel world to ours that can be accessed through portals.   Sérannie was recently wreaked by a civil war brought by a mysterious Dark Lord and his taboo illusion magic. To counteract this power, the Sérannian king opened an interworld portal to demand the assistance of an inhabitant of our world, as illusion magic does not work on us.   This proved to be a successful strategy: the Dark Lord has been beaten, and the foreigner pushed out of the way and sent back to our world. Sérannie can once again go on as if nothing has ever happened.   Isabelle Lafontaine, the foreigner in question, is not happy to be back in France. She is determined to return to Sérannie by whatever means necessary. Of course, this will have far more dangerous consequences than she ever considered...   While looking for a way to go back, she writes journal entries about her time in Sérannie, so as to not forget what happened and to prepare for her return. This is what you can read on this site.

State: First draft of the book written. Almost all the worldbuilding articles have been written, with only most of the character articles being kept private for now.


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