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My main focus is my writing, but since I've started this site and writing more about the worlds of my novels and my characters, I've started to do a lot more art to illustrate my ideas. You can find all of my art alongside all the worldbuilding articles in my different projects on this site. However, I wanted to gather here the art I'm particularly proud of.      
My art history:
As a child: I used to do a lot of drawing and painting on physical supports, and I had a particular love for pastels, however I stopped most of it in high school.   As an adult: I tried to go back to drawing in the second half of my 20s during my PhD, and I gave a first try to digital drawing. However, despite how much I love drawing, it always felt like I was wasting time I should spend writing.   Worldbuilding: Joining the World Anvil worldbuilding community in 2021 was what finally gave me the excuse I needed to draw without feeling guilty since I "had to" do it to illustrate my articles!   New start: I re-started by mainly doing a lot of photoshopping of stock photos and some schematic drawings, before I slowly started todo more drawing myself. At first I did not feel confident enough to draw characters, but my friends have encouraged me a lot and I've made a lot of progress in the last few years as you can see below!

Art style:
Simple vs elaborate pieces: Most of my art is made of pieces I do in a few hours just to illustrate my writing and so it's not particularly elaborate, however I have a few works on which I've focused a lot more effort.   Silly pieces: I also have very silly pieces I make super quickly in a very simple style for humoristic purpose or for illustrating in-world children stories.   Digital vs physical drawing: I now mostly do digital painting, although I've also done a few pencil simple drawings for my world of Portal to Sérannie where I pretend they're my main character's work.   Style: I'm still looking for the exact art style that fits me and I'm experimenting a lot with each new project.
Sorted from oldest to newest!
(so go to the bottom to see my best art!)
Alyssenne flower, by AmélieIS
Calendar no background
Imperial calendar by AmélieIS
Drawn in 03/2021 (flower) and 01/2022 (calendar)   This was made for my world of Empire of the Covenant (flower and calendar).   This flower was the first proper art piece I did right after I joined World Anvil, for my first worldbuilding challenge! Thinking of it as a schematic botanical drawing help give me the confidence to go on with this piece. I really had a lot of fun making it and in joining the World Anvil community, and this flower has since becomes my profile icon on the internet XD   For the calendar on the left, I experimented with colours and digital tools, and I love with how everything fits so well together.
Questing Party
The questing party that has defeated the Dark Lord
Prophetess Elènie Damance playing her faniol
Drawn in 02/2022.   This is for my project of Portal to Sérannie and so drawn on paper (group portrait and chibi and musician).   This musician is the first character that I drew and shared after many years, and I was extremely proud with how well she came out, especially as there is not ctrl+z on paper to make things easier! However, this also means that I didn't have to stress about layers and trying to replicate physical effects digitally.   I made that group of characters right after that, also on paper. I tried to keep a simple style for them to not be overwhelmed by the number of characters. Instead I tried to focus on making them look different from each other.   For this world, I also draw a few chibis that my main character would have doodled in her diary to illustrate how she feels. They were super fun to make and I've digitalised a few to use as emoji in my discord.  
Characters challenges magical university.jpg
Students by AmélieIS
Chancellor's secretary
The Chancellor's secretary
Drawn in 04/2022 and 09/2023   This was made for my world of Challenges of Magical University Life (group portrait and portrait on the left).   This is the first project for which I decided to draw all the characters myself without using stock photos! I started with the group of main characters and I picked a super simple style to make it less threatening. I focused on trying to give a sense of each character personality through their expression and posture.   Months later I did a series of super simple and quick drawings of secondary character to illustrate a piece of flash fiction. You can see the progress I made with drawing faces and expressions!
View over the city v2
View over the city by AmélieIS
The Mistress' rival and Galáteia by AmélieIS
Drawn in and 09/2022 (characters) and 02/2023 (city)   This was made for my world of Soul Jars (city and character).   My friend Annie Stein made a very nice piece of art for me with my main character. She is a great artist and I love the deceptively simple "MS paint style" she's using. It really looks not-threatening and motivated into making my own attempt.   (Nnie is really one of the big reason I've had the courage to make a lot more character art   Later I decided to make my own art of the city to replace a stock photo that I had a photoshop and to feature my own drawn characters. I'm very proud of how I manage to make a big piece like that and give the sense of distance of the fog covering it.)
Hunter god
The hunter god by AmélieIS
Drawn in 12/2022 (silly drawing) and in 01/2023 (character)   This was made for my project of Divine Tyranny (character and silly drawing).   For this character, I put in the effort to shade things properly rather than just keep flat colours (something I general avoid to do for the sake of time), and I'm very happy with how it came out!   However, right after that I went back to making a series of very simple silly drawing to illustrate a fun in-world children books explaining why people should be happy to sacrifice themselves to keep Eldritch Horrors imprisoned. These drawings were super fun to do and I love the contrast between the dark theme of the story and the happy simple drawings.   Since this was so fun and easy to do, I've been doing this style of drawings a lot more since then XD
Imperial portrait by AmélieIS
Hélène by AmélieIS
Drawn in 04/2023 (portrait top and left) and 12/2023 (portrait right)   This was made for my world of Imperial Soulmates (group portrait, character on the left, and character on the right).   At this point I had grown a lot more confident in my characters and decided to also draw all the characters of this world myself, and this time to put more effort into their face (especially for the close up portraits). I'm really happy with the one on the right that I made later as I feel that I've finally managed to show the character's age properly.   For the big group portrait on top, I focused more on the symbolic on the character's clothes and attribute and in showing hints of their relationships to each other.
Old Malik
Sentient cells by AmélieIS
The magic reserve by AmélieIS
Drawn in 05/2022 (schemas) and 07/2022 (silly drawings)   I've done a few drawing inspired by my work in the lab. The first type has been series of schematic drawings similar to the kind I've done in my professional scientific publications. I did these for my world of Challenges of Magical University Life for an article I wrote as an excerpt from a textbook.   I've also done a series of drawings for my world of Victorian Evil Scientists that are doodles made on the side of a lab book by my main character to illustrate experiments or her thoughts about her lab assistant!
Mechanism magic binding protein.png
Mechanism of magic absorption and detection by AmélieIS
Merpeople header by AmélieIS
Drawn in 05/2023.   I made this for a small Merpeople world that I made for a short story.   This is the art piece I'm the most proud of to date. I put a particular effort on showing the light effects in the water and on the characters. I also really love how I managed to draw Ondine (the mermaid), specially her face and hair and her tail.   To relax after drawing this, I made a quick series of silly little mermaids like the ones below and the one in the box at the top.  
Inter-subspecies relationship
Golden pricker nest.jpg
Drawn in 12/2023.   I made this for my world of Dark Lord Seduction Plan (bird and cat).   I reused the shape of a bird I had done earlier for my project of Imperial Soulmate and recoloured it. I really like what I've done with the feathers and how the colours have come out.   At the same time, I also experimented with drawing with my finger on my phone with mixed success! The results is the terrible kitten below XD  


Drawn in 01/2024.   Made for my project of The City of the Hundred Fiefs.   I followed tutorials on youtube to make these (1 and 2). I'm really super proud of how they've turned out!   Lately I've been playing a lot more with the pastel tools in my drawing application and I finally feel as if I'm getting a hand on them and I can replicate what I can do on paper! I've decided to try to use this more realistic style for all the characters I'm going to make in this world.

Cover image: Merpeople header by AmélieIS


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Jan 13, 2024 21:42 by Annie Stein

Gosh, I adore your art! I really liked this article, it was like taking a stroll through memory lane. So many cool pieces!

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Jan 27, 2024 15:31 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Thanks a lot! <3

Jan 13, 2024 21:45

This is such a wonderful and inspiring idea. I like that you also tell us more about your artistic life and it's nice to see when artists also show material from the past in order to see the development. I have to think about doing something similar in my craft studio.

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Jan 27, 2024 15:32 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Thanks <3 Yes, please do something similar! It's always fun to see artists' progressions and hear their thoughts about their work!

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