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Summer Camp 2024

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Theme 1: Change


Theme 2: Refuge


Theme 3: Belief

Prompt 21: A faction of an organisation built around belief
Lord Adélème's fanclub
Organization | Jul 13, 2024
Prompt 22: A myth, urban legen of conspiracy theory belived by many to be true
Prompt 23: An evil spirit or divine antagonist
Lord Adélème
Character | Jul 13, 2024
Prompt 24: A spurious or controversial attribution
Prompt 25: A relic or symbol of belief
Prompt 26: Slang or a language associated with a religion or belief
Language | Jul 13, 2024
Prompt 27: A leader or high-ranking person in an organisation
Lords and Ladies of the Fiefs
Rank/Title | Jul 13, 2024
Prompt 28: The practice and ceremonies of worship
The Worship of the Imperial Family
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 13, 2024
Prompt 29 bonus: A settlment that's known as a party town or pleasure city
Prompt 30 bonus: A hubrid species intentionally bred
Tower cats
Species | Jul 13, 2024

Theme 4: Decay

Prompt 31:  
Prompt 32:  
Prompt 33:  
Prompt 34:  
Prompt 35:  
Prompt 36:  
Prompt 37:  
Prompt 38:  
Prompt 39 bonus:  
Prompt 40 bonus:  
Prompt 41 bonus bonus:  
Prompt 42 bonus bonus:  


Badge: diamond as usual.   Backup plan: if I get overwhelmed, I'll stop making fully polished articles; in the worst case I'll just write notes.   Time: Since we have the Olympic Games in Paris in July, my only plan is to barricade myself inside for a month, so I'll have plenty of time for writing. I've also taken all my fridays off work for this!
Worlds: I'll jump between my worlds depending on inspiration like I've done for the past events, as it's less stressful & I like my articles better that way.   Main world: the City of the Hundred Fiefs—a new-ish fantasy world that will give me more freedom to write.   Secondary world: Imperial Soulmates—my scifi-fantasy world from WE 2023, if I have good ideas for it.
I'm very excited about SC and I'm planning my whole month of July around it :D
Camp Feral Badge by Strixxline


After an empire has fallen, its capital has been divided into into a hundred fiefs over which powerful lords and ladies rule. Olénie has to defend the patch under her control while she struggles to improve the life of the inhabitants of her towers.   However, a powerful lord attempting to reunite the ender city under one single rule threatens her independence and her life, especially when he swallows her neighbour's fief and she becomes his next target...  
Hélène is happy with her anonymous life, hiding her status as one of the emperor's soulmates. Yet, when he is kidnapped, she cannot resist using their magical connection to save him to have him lift the legal curse on her friend as a reward.   Unfortunately, this exposes her secret, making the emperor highly suspicious of her, a dangerous thing while being forced to live in a palace full of intrigues...  



Theme 1: Change

The CIty of the Hundred Fiefs
Changes to:
  • Local politics: Olénie has been trying to change the way her fief is ruled and to better people's lives
  • The political status quo: with the new lord starting to reunite the city
  • People's social status: as people kill the lord or lady of a fief to take their place
  • The towers of a fief: in a constant bid to outcompete the neighbours, by gathering more sunlight, attracting more birds...
  • Animals and people: under the effect of the ancient imperial magic still found in the basement of the city
  • Technology: the lords and ladies are constantly trying to improve their fiefs to beat their neighbours
  • History: to present briefly the ancient empire before it fell and how it's still impacting the city
  •   What stay constant: People's lifestyle in the city has not truly changed a lot since the situation stabilised shortly after the fall of the empire.    
    Imperial Soulmates:
    Changes to:
  • Political: The empire has slowly been conquering more territories over the centuries. I've already written enough articles about this.
  • Technology: the empire is constantly inventing new magitech, and the inventition of organic magitech a century ago has only reinforce that. I've written many technology articles already, but I'm always happy to add more if I get a good idea.
  • Society: As a results of the technical changes, imperial society is constantly having to catch up and adjust. This is something I can explore more during SC.
  •   What stays constant: Despite the enormous changes everything and everyone go through the territories conquered by the empire conserve their own culture and their local elites, which has made the empire remarkably stable.    

    Theme 2: Refuge

    The CIty of the Hundred Fiefs
  • Locations: The lords/ladies are super powerful and protected in their own fief.
  • Laws: The laws of the city define a few "refuge" areas, like the trade corridor and the centre of the city where the council of lords and ladies meet.
  • Ethnicity/characters: Groups of people occasionally travel to join another fief to take refuge from a tyranical lord or lady.
  • Farming: Lots of towers have little refuge for birds and insects to try to attract them and get them to pollinate the plants - the counterpart is that if they lose a bird or insect, they lose the plants, and this has strong consequences for what's available to eat but also in the ingredients for medicines, potions, and rituals.
  • Technology: Protective wards
  • Artist character: Using art as a refuge from the real world. (one of Olénie's friend, who made her official portrait)
    Imparial Soulmates
  • City: Quanahr, the current coty of Hélène and where she took refuge from her family
  • "Refuge from daily life": The private quarters of the emperor's other soulmates

    Theme 3: Belief

    The CIty of the Hundred Fiefs
  • Religion: There is no formal religion, but most people worship the spirits of the old imperial family and of the inhabitants of the empire before it fell.
  • Calendar: each fief has its own era-based calendar based on the change of lords/ladies. Some of them are formally worshipped too.
  • Moral system: Power is mighty and the lords and ladies of the fiefs are all mighty inside their lands. For their subjects, it's their moral duty to obey their lords - the only excuse for not doing it is for those string enough to murder them and take their place.
  • Politics: Almost eveyrone in the city believe that the fiefs need to be gathered back together under one rule.
  • People: A lot of people believe Olénie's new neighbour has what it takes to reunite the city.
  • Myths: Most people spend their entire life in one or two fiefs and never leave the city, and so they only know about the external worlds through rumours and tales, leading to some strong misconceptions.
  •   Some superstition and urban legends about past lords and ladies? Because if the lack of central power and formal education, history is not always properly recorded and so lots of rumours can spread quickly.  

    Theme 4: Decay

    The CIty of the Hundred Fiefs
  • Species: mushrooms. Something used as a magical ingredient or as warfare weapons in the plant warfare waged between the fiefs.
  • Farming: Recycling resources is very important in the fiefs since they're isolated, so mushrooms focused on recycling plant decaying matter.
  • Moral decay: The reason why people thought the old empire fell.
  • Ideals: People used to want a return of the old unified empire, but now that someone is close to unifying the city, many realise they prefer staying independent at the cost of poverty.
  • Building: Mechanical and magical decay of the towers over time, have to be held up by DIY.
  •   Forces fighting decay:
  • Olénie making effort to improve her fief and her people's lives
  • The new would-be emperor fighting over the decay of the city and trying to reestablish the empire
  • Mages researching ways to prevent the physical decay of the city
    Imparial Soulmates
  • Moral decay: What outsiders think of the empire (enslaving themselves to the emperor in exchange for prosperity) / what imperials think of the outsiders (using forbidden magic in their bid to tcompete with the empire)

  • --> What th local regions of the empire had to give up after conquest (in which areas they lost independance and have to obey the emperor)
    --> Plots by the politicians in the capital/people at court to gain more power over the local regions     Forces fighting decay:
  • Politicians fighting for more regional independance in the empire
  • Outsiders fighting against the empire
  • Rebels inside the empire trying to kill the emperor
    Extra ideas

    Extra ideas

    The CIty of the Hundred Fiefs
  • System of lords linked to the land, how it works for the world and teh city in particular, how to take a fief from its owner, warfare between lord trying to reunify the city and swalling other fiefs
  • Urban warfare: all the lords trying to make their towers higher and to hog all the sunlight to themselves, and other weird building ideas like the tower in London that was so badly designed that it focused sunlight and burned the cars parked next to it.
  • System to spy on neighnouring towers to steal intelligence and knowledge on crafting artefacts, needs to get beyond the wards of these towers and beyond physical space - some kind of mental projection?
  • Use plants to wage war against neighbour fiefs - since magic cannot physically travel through the wards around the fiefs, use wind or birds to carry seeds of invasive plants or plant diseases to kill crops and starve the neighbours.
  •   Tower technology, sewers & farming
  • Tower building technologies and social mechanism. Towers look uglies, delapidated, need to be maintained regularly. From time to time a tower fells down and drags down others with it.
  • Terrain and climate of the city. How to deal with sewers, rock material below the towers, preventing them from sinking into a whole, reservoir to collect water
  • Urban farming, how it works, what crops and animals, what needs to be supplemented from the countryside, the terrible smell and pollution
  • The lords of the fiefs rival with each other to attract different species of birds and insect to polinate their crops
  • CATS!!! Towers cats to catch vermine and because it's impossible to keep them away and from climbing everywhere
  • The city is filled with vermin and you never know what the magic transforms them into...
  •   Politics
  • Assembly of lords, how it works
  • Trade corridors
  • Threats from outside the city that will force neighbour to ally with MC
  •   Society
  • Because there is no formal education system, a lot of the magic is done based on vibes and instinct, with sometimes dangerous results
  • There is no formal religion, but most people worship the spirits of the old imperial family and of the inhabitants of the empire before it fell.
  • Traveling healers that go from fief to fief depending on payments. When lords try to keep them by force, they get sick
  • Calendar: each fief has its own era-based calendar based on the change of lords/ladies
    Imperial Soulmates
  • Enemy 1: Sannian king
  • Enemy 2: Secret Soulmate
  • Government person who wanted to let the emperor die
  •   Locations
  • Ilara: MC's home region, ruled by her family
  • Quanahr: MC's current city
  •   Technologies
  • Photoluminescent trees
  • Magicless tech
  • Programmed magic



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