by Annie Stein and Sky
Between a resentful sun and a hostile galaxy, life persists. The Chaining of the Sun has only provided a temporary relief from it's invasion, and the horrors that lurk beyond the Kuiper Belt still look for an opening. At Penumbra, they fight back.

Those Who Fly Close To The Sun

Icarus flew too close to the sun. It was hubris, they say, or complacency, or not respecting the powers greater than you. It is, they might say, an inauspicious name for the mercenary pilots who expect to fly their ships barely a stone’s throw from the sun—millions of kilometers closer than Icarus could ever have conceived—fight the demons spawned from the solar surface, then come back home alive. Then want to do it again the next solar cycle. Hubris.
  The walk from the on-duty lounge to the crawler with Eun’s craft is barely a few dozen meters horizontally, but it feels far longer when lives are on the stake, when scourge are incoming. The low gravity, far far lower than what she’s used to, means her steps are careful but bounding, and that if she hurries she’ll paradoxically arrive later. It’s a relief to reach the base of the crawler and start climbing, practically throwing herself up the ladder and only arresting her momentum at the very top. As she reaches the massive flattop of the crawler she can see the solar edge of the terminator in the near distance, a scant five hours away. Bad timing for the deck crew, who’ll have to scramble to tie down the returning craft before the crawler can move.   Read more...
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