Between a resentful sun and a hostile galaxy, life persists. The Chaining of the Sun has only provided a temporary relief from its invasion, and the horrors that lurk beyond the Kuiper Belt still look for an opening. At Penumbra, they fight back.

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This is a wiki for a worldbuilding project and upcoming webcomic. Solaris is set in a fantastic version of our own solar system, currently under siege by the armies of Sol. This website serves as an online encyclopedia about the setting.
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Illustration of Blue sitting in a porthole window. Space is visible behind her.
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A great place to start learning about the world, is to read Your Guide to Solaris. It'll get you up to speed.   Peek behind the curtain and meet the people writing Solaris in about Solaris.
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A retrospective of 2022 and how it went, wrapping up the year and tallying what I made.
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