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Welcome to Solaris, traveller! This is a slower-than-light science fantasy set in our own solar system.
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Oh no! Did you find a bug in my world? Please leave a comment on this page so that I can fix it!   To help me squash this bug as quickly as possible, please include:  
  • A description of the bug
  • What page you discovered the bug on
  • What browser you're using
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Feb 25, 2024 14:03 by Annie Stein

Hi! I'm using this comment as my authors note.I set this up as best I can, with some css to reduce the space between the page and the comment section, and some tools of the trade I've learned. I hope it comes in useful both for myself and for you.   If you chose to use this, I recommend adding a link to the page in your footer or navigation! A bug report page no-one can find is a bug report page no-one will use!

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