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Welcome to Solaris, traveller! This is a slower-than-light science fantasy set in our own solar system.
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Solaris is where it is today because of readers like you. I wanted to share some of the amazing contributions made by fans and friends of Solaris, from fanart to fun and insightful comments. You make it all worthwhile.   If you would like to participate and be part of the Solaris community, do also come join us on Discord!  


I think almost all creators dream of having people get excited enough about their world and creations that they draw fanart. I am so grateful and thrilled that Solaris has inspired some of you. It makes my heart soar to see my designs interpreted by other people.

Blue NM2 by Ezra Aldrich

  I had recently shared some art of Blue NM-2 when Ezra Aldrich surprised me with this lovely drawing. It is the first piece of fanart made for Solaris and has a special place in my heart.  

Grandmaster DapperCapricorn

Ezra Aldrich


Scourge by Gabrielle Decker

Gabrielle Decker is the creator of Eivrall, one of the amazing new worlds I stumbled over and shared during New Years Recommendations 2023. We got to talking afterwards and she surprised me with these awesome renders of the scourge.

Sage 1337spectra

Gabrielle Decker



During Worldember we were encouraged to write an article featuring a cameo of another worldbuilder. I held a raffle for the first ever cameo slot in Solaris. I have plans to include more cameos down the line, and offer new opportunities for you to see yourself or your own original characters in Solaris.
Dutrius Atlas
Character | Nov 10, 2023

Duty runs deep in the veins of the Atlas family, even among its black sheep. Dutrius has dedicated his life and vast amounts of the family coffers to his cause: discovering why the Scourge turned on the planets they once swore to protect.


It never stops making me smile to scroll down to an active and engaged comment section. I deeply appreciate the support and love you show in the comment sections, and I love hearing and replying to your questions. Here's an assortment of some of my favourite comments I've gotten.
8 Aug, 2022
I really like spe-fi stuff like this, where you take a fantastical phenomenon, in this case a verifiably consciousness as distinct from the function of the physical brain, or a "soul", and measure it, and build technology around it. I like the amount of thought that clearly went into the implications of this.
Frogdrake on Remote Projection
11 December, 2023
@[I always like takes on different shapechangers and people with shape-changing abilities. It's such an interesting concept. The sole existence of these abilities change how people perceive themselves and others. It changes our entire concept of individualism, appearance, gender, freedom of expression and so much more. Your metamorphosis is a really nice take on that and touches on all of those aspects. I especially love how you included various different sub-cultures in there. It just makes so much sense, that these people would develop different point of views on their abilities and how to use them.](spell:f2a4aef1-860e-4f52-b625-08b78dd5eceb)

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Apr 29, 2023 02:20 by Gabrielle Decker

I love this! And every word everyone has said is absolutely true <3

Apr 29, 2023 19:58 by Annie Stein

Thank you! <3

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
Apr 30, 2023 11:43 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Awww, this is so lovely. <3

Apr 30, 2023 11:54 by Annie Stein

I basically melted into a sentimental puddle as I was putting this together. I cannot believe how fortunate I am to be part of such a lovely community.

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!