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More than two years in, I've realized what I want to do now with this. Tariek Rough Collection will not die....but it is merely a house for rough. For madness.

But I know what I want. I want my setting, my take on rules, magick, and lore, in a d20 system that I kind of cobble together, in a way that I think will be fun, dynamic, hopefully easy enough to follow, and translatable to other such system. I want my own ruleset. Dnd 5e, Pathfinder, none of them quite did it for me. Its a question of magick and power level of it, along with flow of action scenes.

And so it begins. A new 'World' on World Anvil. The Project that Tariek as rough draft was meant to become. Adventures in Valerick, the TTRPG. I start today, humbly, one the most important, but founding documents of such a thing...A Player's Handbook.

And so I have finally done it. I've narrowed my focus. Let the fun begin.