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Venilia is the current Empress of Neptune, and the Keystone of Neptune. She ascended in 219981 and has reigned for fourty one years. She began her descension last year, but a heir has not yet been identified. Similar to her mother the previous Empress, she is credited with continuing to shepard the Empire through a transition from its colonial past to a more modern and equitable relationship with its former colonies.  


The future Venilia VII, then named Clymette Amphrenne Nome, was born to a future Venilia VI in 219959. Amphrenne was thirteen years old when her mother ascended to the throne. As a member of the imperial family, the young Amphrenne was often employed to speak to the youth of the empire. Her shyness endeared her to the public, and her sense of duty to the court.   Venilia VI began her descension In 219979, while Amphrenne was a student at the Imperial Trident University. Her rapid improvement at the mystic arts was proclaimed as the first sign of her ascension. Her status as a member of the former Imperial family, and the daughter of the current keystone, sent ripples through the courts and politics of Neptune. While it is not unheard of for keystones to be descendants of earlier keystones, the leading understanding at the time was that it was a matter of common ancestry, or in some cases pure historical revisionism. Amphrenne's ascension was the first undeniable case of Keystone status being passed from mother to daughter.   With two back to back keystones, Venilia's family rose to a position of exaltation. Immense interest was paid to Venilia VII's children. However, the Empress has only had sons. Her detractors attribute this to the punishment of a higher power, while most consider this an unfortunate coincidence. The attention of the court-goers, on the other hand, has turned to Venilia's nieces instead.   The high profile and public murder of her niece shocked the system a few years ago. The case itself received much attention, but the purported discovery of a direct financial link between the murderer and the Empress fanned the flames. As the theory goes, throne funds were directed into a shell company with the sole purpose of paying for a hit on a promising Keystone candidate. In actuality, the connection between the Empire and the murderer were much more tenuous, involving layers of indirection, and the Empire has firmly dismissed any such speculation as no more than that.

Reign of Venilia VII

  Like much of the late Venilic Age, Venilia's reign has been characterized by the decolonization of the Kuiper Belt. The Trident Empire under Venilia VII has continued its transition into an association of independent territories known as the Outereach. Most of Venilia's reign has been spend on grand tours to the Neptune's former territories, affairs resplendant with the finest ships of the Trident Fleet and with an entourage the size of small cities. These tours were conducted with the goal of maintaining relationships and encouraging closer economic and social ties between the colonies.   Venilia VII has been remarkably successful at navigating the reconciliation process with grace. Despite the long and complicated history of colonialism, many of Neptune's former colonies joined the Outereach and have not spurned new and more equitable relationships with Neptune. It is not exaggeration to say that Venilia's presence is crucial to maintaining the hold of empire, as the popularity and public approval of the Empire is significantly higher after her visits. A small and decidedly fringe minority believe that Venilia's effects on the citizenry are beyond charisma and point the finger at secret Neptunian mysticism.

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May 28, 2024 00:57 by Aster Blackwell

Hmm there is a lot to chew on! I find it interesting that everyone is convinced that her ascension proves that Keystone status is hereditary... but she's just one example! I don't think it proves anything.

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Yeah! It happening once does not mean that it'll happen again!

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