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Holy Daughter of Jupiter

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Holy Daughter of Jupiter is a title and role bestowed upon the Jovian Keystone. The Holy Daughter wears many hats as the spiritual leader of Jupiter, she is the the head of the Triune Temple, patroness of the Imperial Cult, and she represents the Triune Temple at the Military Council.   The Triune Temple maintains that the mandate of Holy Daughter and the powers of being a keystone are granted by the goddess Minerva. As the foremost embodiment of Minerva, the Holy Daughter is expected to remain unmarried and dedicated to her position before all.   She is attended to by three Vestals, wise women who take vows to serve the Triune Temple for thirty years. The Vestals advise the Holy Daughter and guide her through her duties.

Current Holder

Currently Aessa Aemili serves as Holy Daughter of Jupiter. Her ascendancy has been controversial and highly politicized. In response to the Catamite Wars, Holy Daughter Aessa summoned all the Keystones of the Jovian moons to join her in prayer. This meant the keystones could not participate in the lunar rebellion.   Since the Catamite Wars, the Triune Temple have used Holy Daughter Aessa to mediate between the moons and the planet. She went on a Lunar Tour in 220020, which gained mixed receptions but was generally well recieved.
Aessa Aemili
Character | Dec 30, 2023

Holy Daughter Aessa was first announced to the world as the seventh son of the Aemili family. When she ascended as Holy Daughter and Keystone of Jupiter, she was reintroduced to the world as Aessa, first daughter of the Aemili.


There is no greater sign of divine favour than the ascension of a daughter. The Jovian political system is led by bloodlines chosen by the gods. Therefore, when a girl from outside of the Patriciate ascends as Keystone, her father and older brothers become Patricians, full citizens of Jupiter with voting power in the Senate.   Similar to how the Holy Daughter represents Minerva, her father comes to represent Jove. The Holy Daughter is expected to name her father as a new saint, and create for him a shrine in the Hall of Honor. As patroness of the Imperial Cult, the Holy Daughter is especially devoted to the worship of her father and bloodline, although her duties also extend to leading holy rites on behalf of other great men and women.   The Holy Daughter is not worshipped in her own name. Only posthumously may a great Holy Daughter be given a shrine at the Hall of Honor.

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