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Triune Temple

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The Triune Temple is in part inspired by prosperity theology and other charismatic movements. It is worships stereotypical gender roles and the nuclear family. The section "Criticisms of the Temple" discusses their doctrines against marriage equality and abortion.
The Triune Temple is the dominant state religion of Jupiter. It is an olympic religion based on the worship of the family unit as embodied by the gods of the Triune: Jove, Juno and Minerva, also known by their titles as The Father, The Mother and The Child. A foundational belief is that privilege and good fortune is a sign of divine favor.   The Triune Temple has been criticized for its handling of the human trafficking cases, and their doctrines about sexuality.

The Triune

The Father

Jove, also known as Jupiter, is the king of the gods, the god of the skies and thunder. He is the guardian of fate, who intervenes to secure peoples destiny. The Triune Temple believes Jove is embodied by fathers, in particular the Patricians.   He is the patron god of the Daphnae, and of Jupiter the planet.  

The Mother

Juno is the queens of the gods, and the goddess of marriage and cycles. The Triune Temple believes Juno is embodied by mothers. Juno is also worshipped seperately at dedicated bathhouses. These bathouses and spas are a place for women to gather and to get in tune with their sacred self.   She is patron god of the Minos.  

The Child

Minerva, also known as the Daughter, is the child of Jove. She is goddess of wisdom, law and victory. Minerva sprung fully adult out of Jove's head. The Triune Temple believes Minerva is a guide for children until marriage, and is embodied by working adults. The Child is asexual and driven by pursuits of prestige and pride. Her role as the Child has been a refuge for queer Jovians.   She is patron god of Humans.  

Criticisms of the Temple

CW: Homophobia, Abortion, Human Trafficking of Infants  
The Triune Temple maintains that marriage is a matter of inheritance and procreation, not one of love. The Temple condones taking on other lovers, a 'indulgence of the heart', but extends no legal protection to these relationships. As such, same sex relationships are equivalent to extramarital affairs.   The Triune Temple considers children a divine sign of favor. The willfull termination of a favourable pregnancy is considered heretical, and can in some governments be legally prosecuted. For a pregnancy to be considered unfavourable, a pregnant person must seek out and consult the Augurs, the fortune-tellers. The Augurs and the Triune temple are accused of human trafficking. Many local Temples to have facilitated the procurement of infants for barren families, even agreeing to keep an eye out for "favourable" features.  

The Sons

Some young men who call themselves The Sons, or Vulcanites, criticize the Triune Temple for their lack of options for young men. They believe the sexism is evident in how The Child is a woman and even sometimes referred to as 'The Daughter'.   They feel they have been cast out of society like Vulcan was cast out of Olympus, emasculated and unappreciated.

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Thank you! I figured there has to be something like them if the planets are all named after Roman gods. The Dapnae are indeed another humanoid race on Jupiter, I haven't decided a whole lot yet but they're somewhat inspired by tree nymphs/dryads, since the classical element associated with Jupiter in eastern mythology is wood.

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