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Perhaps the light in the wasteworks was not as beautiful as that from above. Perhaps it was too busy, maddeningly inconsistent, blindingly bright or far too dim. Perhaps it revealed too much and hid what needed to be seen. It could not be denied that it was alive, though, just like the wastework itself.
  Labyrinthe is the capital of the Comiterranean. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, and has been inhabited for millenium. The city has continually built on top of itself. Ruins are proudly displayed, whether they're in the street, or tucked away in basements or private backyards. Some manor-houses even incorporate historical structures into their design, framing an ancient column as the centerpiece of a garden or joining new structures to still-standing walls.

City of Two Faces

  Labyrinthe is the imperial core of the Jovian system. The city prides itself on nice and luxurious accommodations for all, though of course, the manor-houses are far nicer and far more luxurious. The citizens of Labyrinthe travel the promenades, roads and streets with lined with orchards and sweet-smelling trees. Plazas, parks and fountains invite people to gather and mingle. Only citizens and their guests are allowed to use the facilities, or utilize roads for private transportation. Their servants have to access the city from another side entirely. A canal-and-road system known as the wasteworks webs through the city, serving as the hidden highway of the working class. While the vast districts of manor houses display immaculately groomed gardens towards the promenade, they face the wasteworks with gates, sneering fierce animals and private guards.   The wastework canals were and are important hubs of labour, historically used for laundry, disposal, and ferries. Today the wastework canals have been repurposed into an extensive system of trolleyboats, a reliable method of public transit. The wastework has its own vibrant culture, the working class of Labyrinthe meet in the wasteworks the same way the citizens gather in the promenades. Despite efforts to outlaw and crack down on them, market stalls are common sights in the wastework porticos, and the wasteworks continue to serve as the center of public life for the working class. In richer areas of the city, the canals have been roofed and the streets hidden behind doors.

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Author's Notes

Labyrinthe Travelogue
Prose | Oct 31, 2023

The lords and ladies of Labyrinthe like to think that light is best used to highlight and accentuate. It is something to be let in through carefully designed crystal or denied in a way that makes the act of denial itself art.

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29 Jul, 2023 11:15

City of two faces indeed. I love the descriptions you've put in thie one. :)

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Thank you!

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This reminds me of being in Egypt, where ancient sphinxes line major roadways.

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I like the description - it really shows what the city is like and how it's physically divided by class/station.

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Ooh, I love the duality of the city and how it has different sectors and services for the upper and working classes. The opening excerpt, too, was really well done.

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