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Palace of Delights

Welcome to Solaris, traveller! This is a slower-than-light science fantasy set in our own solar system.
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The Palace of Delights is the summer palace of the Venusian court, and the official residence of Titania, the Godqueen of Venus and her handmaidens. The thick venusian fog makes it hard to take in the sheer scale of the Palace, but walking its winding sensory halls and attending parties and revelries in the countless halls is sure to leave an impression.   The Palace was designed by Venusian architect Orhiza Apifera, a leading figure in the neomorphic movement. Apifera worked alongside a team of artists, garden designers, master acousticians, and Venusian heritage craftsfolk. The Palace recieved mixed reviews upon its completion for the stark material design.   The Venusian Palace may lack the grand ornamentation of the Albino Palace, but its true ornament are its guests. The splay of light against the wall comes alive when the halls and rooms fill with people, dancing across fine silks and catching on sequins.  
The Palace hosts many of the most prestigious revelries and parties during the season, and receptions of dignitaries all throughout the year. Between fountains of wine and mountains of food, the Palace never lacks for anything.   All parties and events at the Palace of Delights are attended by the Eternal Godqueen, even when there are multiple at the same. It is considered gauche to speculate if the hostess is truly the Godqueen, or if it is instead one of her identical handmaidens.  

Pleasure gardens

  The gardens sprawl wider than the palace itself, and even make their way up onto the roofs of the palace. It stretches over five tiers. A canal runs through the gardens, cresting over the edge in grandiose waterfalls, and pooling into artificial lakes to allow for recreational boating.   The grand event is often held by the fountain, where the palace meets the gardens. The fountain is a small waterfall falling in from all sides of a circular hole in the ceiling. It is one of the few ornamented parts of the palace, with a wall of statues that guests are encouraged to observe through touch as well as sight.   The Palace is well known for the Walk of the World, a promenade that goes through twelve finely cultivated gardens with plants from all parts of the Solar System. These gardens showcase the diplomatic ties of Venus, but also give a sense of home to foreign dignitaries.
Those who are less familiar with the palace often worry if they will get a break. Many of the wings of the Palace are dedicated to solace and quiet.   From the sensory halls that play with light and texture as you walk them, to meditative halls that encourage one to sit down and enjoy nature, there are many quiet havens to pull back to in the midst of the revelry.  

Sensory halls

  The sensory halls are a seperate system of hallways that take you through the palace grounds and palace proper. They're infamous for exploring not just the pleasant senses. Some sections include floors of nails, or sections where a walker has to squeeze past or climb. These sections are often optional, with another hallway leading the same way.  

Meditation rooms

  Meditiation is a large part of Venusian spirituality, and there are many rooms in the palace dedicated to different kinds of meditation. The rooms are often dedicated to specific experiences and senses, such as the rounded domed floors of the Hall of Stars, to the gentle artificial waves and aromatherapy in the Hall of Seas.

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