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Sofi Casabella

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Casabella is an artist, socialite, and activist. She is a former courtesan of the Venusian court. Her network and diplomatic skills were used to help build the Alliance of Nations. She runs several foundations for trans youth, and young artists.

From the Arts,

Casabella grew up on Luna in a middle class family. She describes it herself as a good upbringing, but that she always had a taste for luxuries and comforts beyond what their budget could allow. She went into the arts to create the beauty she craved. A young talent with computers and algorithms, Casabella created libraries for rendering light and texture in exquisite detail. These libraries are still in use today. She first gained interplanetary notice for her Worldscapes, augmented reality rooms that could be manipulated by the viewer.   The first Worldscape, My Room, was a hyperrealistic rendering of Casabella's own bedroom. It was focused on showcasing her lighting skills. However, it gained notoriety for the godlike sensation of manipulating the sun. In My Room, you could pull the sun closer or push further away from you, age it up or down to change the colour, or extinguish it entirely.  

To the Court,

Her works drew the attention of Venus, who invited her to court. She thrived in the scene, quickly rising to prominence as a favoured courtesan of many. She had extensive plastic surgery, sharing in the Venusian love of self-creation, and got filter plants to breathe in the air unassisted. Casabella was adored at court. She was known to pit her paramours against eachother, escalating the price of her favour as they competed for her attention.   As a foreigner and darling of the court, Casabella met with important dignitaries from all throughout the system. She founded a society known as the Beautiful World, popular with artists and poets. Beautiful World became known for hedonism and antiwar sentiments. Through Beautiful World, she met and was invited to the Alliance for Peace, the precursor to the Alliance of Nations. She eventually left the Venusian court to help the Alliance for Peace establish chapters in different nations, using her skills as a courtesan and hostess to lobby for the Alliance.

To this Day

Casabella continues to work towards a beautiful world. Although she does not have a formal role in the organization due to finding the day to day politics far too droll, Casabella is a lifetime ambassador for the Alliance of Nations.
Illustration of Casabella today. She is 55 years old, and looks more mature. She still has her filter plants
Casabella in 220022 by Annie Stein

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Cover image: Young Casabella by Annie Stein
Character Portrait image: Young Casabella by Annie Stein


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