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Bosonic Clock

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Bosonic clocks are one-use-only devices that reveal how close a clock is to the Universal Bosonic Time standard. Using Quantum Nonlocality, the bosonic clock remains synced up with a master clock at the Jovian Timekeeper Institute until it is checked.   The clocks are inert crystals that suspend a timekeeper boson. This boson is synchronized with the master boson at the Timekeeper Institute before being entangled with another boson. Each pair of entangled bosons is split, with one boson kept at the Timekeeper Institute Vault, and the other distributed between the planets and moons.   Many planets and moons broadcast the Timetaking, the measurement of their bosonic clock, on Universal New Years Eve.
Universal New Years Eve
Tradition / Ritual | Feb 4, 2024

As the party wraps up in Mithras, they begin in New Commerce. The festivities sprawl across Sol in a triumphant frenzy of fireworks, ringing in the New Universal Year.

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