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Cyklopes SSF-9

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Written by skairunner

The Cyklopes SSF-9 is a current-generation space superiority fighter designed and manufactured by Jupiter Stella exclusively for the Jovian Orbital Guard. It is a compact spacecraft with weapons pylons and an oversized engine cluster. A pair of hook points provide purchase for carrier spacecraft catapults to aid in rapid launches, and its landing gear - not common on spacecraft - allow it to use a Pater-class carrier's magnetic elevators for recovery.   Its primary mission is to establish and maintain control of space in its operation area, particularly against pirates. To this end, it is equipped with sophisticated electronics, including datalink capabilities that allow it to directly interface with Aerie O-1 and other friendly assets. It also has passive stealth features that make it more difficult to locate via active sensors such as radar, and two distinct kinds of crystal engines, with one set optimized for intercepts and the other for maneuvering.  

Maneuvering in Space

It is difficult for a single engine to be both efficient and powerful. The Cyklopes requires both attributes in different phases of its missions: interception burns usually need to be efficient but don't need to be extremely high thrust, while maneuevering in close quarters prefers short, powerful bursts of thrust.   Jupiter Stella solved the issue by using two sets of engines, one large high thrust engine surrounded by a ring of small, efficient ones. Although there is a weight penalty to this solution, it allowed the Cyklopes to save on battery and power plant size while providing best performance in all modes of flight.  

Networked Combat

Enhanced knowledge of the battlespace has proven itself to be one of the most powerful weapons, and the Cyklopes is built to take full advantage of those elements.   Data is streamed from the carrier it was deployed from, a home station, or SWACS such as the Aerie O-1 and integrated into its combat computer. This allows a Cyklopes to receive targeting solutions from larger computers that can take advantage of more sensitive sensors than can be fit onto a fighter platform, as well as giving a pilot unparalleled awareness of both friendly and hostile forces in play.

High Tech, High Price

To the chagrin of the more militant factions of the Jovian Senate, the Cyklopes comes with a price tag commesurate to how high tech it is. Supporters attempt to justify it by claiming it as an investment into safer space for all in Orbital Guard-protected space as well as the platform of the future. Opponents argue that deploying a higher number of lower tech platforms would save money and be even more effective.   The Battle of Galileo Spaceport, better known as Operation War Dove, bolstered the opponents of the Cyklopes. A small number of technologically inferior sub-orbital craft a mere fraction of the cost of the Cyklopes handed a tactical defeat to the Orbital Guard, destroying a valuable Aerie O-1 and its even more valuable crew.   As the procurement of SSF-10 looms, the debate on what form the next space superiority fighter should take rages on.

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Dec 7, 2023 12:08 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love the two engine solution. Very elegant.

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Dec 17, 2023 12:58

There's a hefty weight cost to pay, but the extra performance more than makes up for it!

Jan 24, 2024 22:52 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

I love the Jovian senate's reactions and all the politicking this aircraft has cause XD Such a great aircraft, if only people would accept to pay for it :p All the context you write with those vehicles articles really add another layer of interests and makes it not just a simple comparisons of stats between them <3

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Gosh I just love how much you integrate the tech into the politics of the world. It's just so cool. I don't even have the words for how cool I think your ships are.

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