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Welcome to Solaris, traveller! This is a slower-than-light science fantasy set in our own solar system.
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Spacecraft are vehicles that are constructed to travel the void of space. Spacecraft can include those built to move cargo, convey people, destroy other spacecraft, or conduct scientific experiments. They are often highly decorated, painted in bright colors or having daring swoops and flourishes. Although each planet tends to have its own preferred style, craft architects often borrow ideas and fashions from each other to create new designs.   Most spacecraft in Solaris are propelled using crystal engines that convert energy into momentum, rather than burning propellant. They remain limited by the speed of light c, and only a few very specialized spacecraft can reach significant fractions of c. Nevertheless, travel within the Sol System is typically much faster than the standards of our world.
Combat SpacecraftTypeSpeedMobilityFirepowerToughness
Sunbreaker SF-2Multi-role Fighter
Sunderer SF-1Multi-role Fighter
Cyklopes SSF-9Superiority Fighter
Heretic GA-7Ground Assault
Utility SpacecraftTypeSpeedMobilityPowerToughness
Aerie O-1Surveillance
Cargo SpacecraftTypeSpeedMobilityCargoToughness
Dragonfly CarrierLong Distance Hauler

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Aerie O-1
Spacecraft | Dec 19, 2023

The Aerie O-1 is the first dedicated Spaceborne Warning and Control System (SWACS) fielded by the Jovian Orbital Guard. Large, bulky, and packed full with sophisticated electronics and sensors, it is capable of precisely identifying and tracking objects.

Cyklopes SSF-9
Spacecraft | Dec 31, 2023

The Cyklopes SSF-9 is a current-generation space superiority fighter exclusively fielded by the Orbital Guard. It is a high tech platform built to seize control of the battlespace.

Dragonfly Carrier
Spacecraft | Nov 10, 2023

A titanic spacecraft laden with thousands of brightly painted containers filled with the works of millions accelerates out of the station, joining dozens of other craft like itself in years-long journeys between the planets.

Heretic GA-7
Vehicle | Dec 15, 2023

The Heretic GA-7 is a close air support gunship designed and used by Venus. It is also the gunship of choice for Penumbra.

Parelion Orbital Defender
Spacecraft | Dec 31, 2023

Each one was like a star spilled from the waistpouch of a hunting goddess, divine and deadly. They whirled around Mercury, waiting for the word to kill.

Sunbreaker SF-2
Spacecraft | Dec 2, 2023

A trio of blindingly bright fighters cut through a sunbeam. The mirror-clad Sunbreakers take the fight to the solar abominations, outnumbered but not outgunned, and beat back an incursion once more.

Sunderer SF-1
Spacecraft | Nov 10, 2023

The Sunderer SF-1 is a multi-role superiority craft built by Kallisti Aerospace. It can carry out air-to-air, close support, recon, and suppression roles in both atmospheric and near-space environments, and excels at operating in low gravity.

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Crystal Technology
Spacecraft Kallisti Aerospace ( Sunderer SF-1 · Sunbreaker SF-2 ) · Jupiter Stella ( Aerie O-1 · Cyklopes SSF-9 ) · Heretic GA-7 · Dragonfly Carrier · Airdocks
Telepresence Interlace ( Super Wide Access Network ) · Remote Projection ( Remote Personality Cache/Display )
Other Bosonic Clock · Gateway Portals · Gravity Plates · Personal Computer
Materials Astrallite · Aurorite


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