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Remote Personality Cache/Display

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Remote Personality Cache/Displays ( abbreviated RPC/D ) are artificial bodies used to temporarily host a person so they may communicate in real time across vast distances. As of today the technology is prohibitively expensive, with prices only governments and megacorporations can afford. It is theorized that remote projection could become publically available within the next decade.

Developing Remote Projection

  Remote Projection, a new form of telepresence, was the key to allowing an individual to be mentally present in a location separate from their body. By encoding and transmitting their conciousness into a an artifical body on another planet, a Remote Personality Cache/Display, the individual can communicate in real time at the location.  
Projection The study of esoterica leads to advances in signal transmissions
Bundling Juggernaut Technologies develop a method for encoding and preserving a conciousness
Cache Crystalline Brains allows for the remote storage of a conciousness
Display A bundled conciousness proves capable of communication if provided the requisite tools
The first piece of the puzzle came from the study of esoterica, in particular the study of individuals with powers of mental projection or bilocation. The study of these concepts inspired the trailblazing Juggernaut Technologies who used its findings to develope a method for safely bundling the conciousness of comatose patients to protect it from damage. The third, and final piece, was sapient robotics, and specifically the development of artificial crystalline brains.   A Remote Personality Cache was initially developed as a potential life extension technology. A bundled conciousness was successfully transferred and stored on a crystalline brain. From here, progress was rapid. Further studies into the RPCs value as a digital backup bore little fruit, as it was revealed that the conciouness degrades over time even in storage.   A trial where the stored conciousness was given some rudimentary tools for communication proved communication was possible. A comatose patient was bundled and connected to a small light. The patient was able to answer simple questions by turning the light on and off. After this trial development of the Remote Personality Cache pivoted to also include a display and artificial sensory organs.

Operating the RPC/D

Phase 1 Electrodes are placed on the scalp and chest of the client to encode the consciousness.
Phase 2 The consciousness is securely bundled and encrypted
Phase 3 The consciousness is transferred to the RPC/D at the speed of light.
Phase 4 The client is successfully uploaded and can now fully utilize the RPC/D.
The first RPC/Ds were little more than terminals, allowing communication through a visual display. These terminals were somewhat distressing to an intelligent mind, who is rarely mentally prepared to have most of their sensation and ability removed.   Today they are fully customizable artificial dryware bodies. The standard model resembles a typical human physique with two legs and two arms, and an adjustable spine to allow for height variation.   Bundling, uploading and downloading a consciousness are all tasks that can only be preformed at a suitable facility, and require a multidisciplinary team of highly specialized engineers, neuroscientists and physicians. It is completely safe, provided no corners are cut.


No Delays in Communication once Telepresence is established
Communication cannot be intercepted


Uploading and downloading the consciousness safely and securely can take several hours
High maintenance requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Could someone intercept me while I am being transmitted?
Your consciousness is safely and securely bundled and can only be uploaded into the designated RPC/D or returned to your original body.
Q: What happens if the RPC/D is destroyed while I am in it?
The RPC/D will send you back to your original body. While the transmission and download takes time, the RPC/D can instantly and safely eject you should anything happen.
Q: Can I live forever in an RPC/D?
RPC/Ds have a ten year warranty, and are not intended to be life extension devices. We also regret to inform you that a bundled consciousness still ages and has the same lifespan limitations.
Q: What happens if the power goes out at my destination?
The RPC/D has an emergency power supply. When it begins to run low, the RPC/D prioritize your safe return.
Q: What if my body dies while I'm uploaded?
In the extremely unlikely event that your body dies, you will be provided a RPC/D free of charge to host you.
Q: What happens if the transfer fails?
If the transfer should fail at any point, you will be safely returned back to your original body.

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Jul 24, 2022 19:36 by Aster Blackwell

The layout of this article is lovely! So brief and easy to understand, and the graphics pull it all together! I have to say, though, something about having my consciousness bundled up and hurtled across the vacuum of space gives me a... unique anxiety

Jul 24, 2022 19:51 by Annie Stein

I think I'd be more concerned if it caused no anxiety whatsoever! Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked my article ^^

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Jul 25, 2022 14:35 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

I love the way you've presented this article, it really looks like a medical leaflet! And like any medical leaflet, seeing those reassuring Q&A only makes me more anxious about the procedure XD Really great work with the timeline, Q&A and advantages/disadvantages. And I really like the concept of transfer of consciousness as a solution for the FTL limit :D

Jul 26, 2022 08:39 by Annie Stein

Thank you so much! I like partial solutions that have their own drawbacks. I feel like they keep things interesting!

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
Aug 4, 2022 01:58 by Cassandra Sojourn

Amazing layout! I think my favorite FAQ is what happens if I die . . . Also the ten year warranty. Hope for their sake that no corners were cut.

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Aug 5, 2022 09:09 by Annie Stein

Thank you! The Juggernaut Technologies RPC/D is as safe as it gets. Where things will really start to get fun is when other megacorps begin producing knock offs. It's a technology I hope to see evolve (devolve?) as the setting matures. >:D

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Aug 5, 2022 13:30

My favorite part, understated in its consequences if no one thinks about it too much, is definitely this:  

The consciousness is securely bundled and encrypted
  Yeah, no way that could ever go wrong. :D   I really like this take on the prompt, that it is something different and unusual. What travels is the mind, and what it travels to.. Well. >:D   Are there anything that lives within these lanes of mental conveyance? Viruses or parasites, echos of people who died while in one, or anything like that? :D   Great, awesome article, with amazing layout :D

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Aug 5, 2022 13:47 by Annie Stein

Absolutely no way at all!   Thank you! There's no viruses or echoes of dead bundled consciousnesses in space (yet), but I imagine it must be possible for things to get corrupted, and as the technology develops so too will attempts to subvert it. It wouldn't surprise me if Juggernaut Technologies already has a trojan horse in there, quietly logging things for the Martian government just in case.

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Aug 9, 2022 01:08

Another fascinating article from this world. I like that it is NOT a life extension method but if your physical body dies for some reason, you can live out your days in your robot body. Love the layout, it reads like a mix between a technical white-page and a brochure XD.

Aug 9, 2022 09:08 by Annie Stein

Thank you! RPC/Ds were originally developed as a potential life extension method, which is how they know it doesn't work for those purposes. I'm glad you liked the layout! I was thrilled when the idea of doing a Q&A popped into my head, because it allowed for a much more natural way of addressing all the concerns one might have with a technology like this.

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