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8496 AE
Age of the Renascence Echo

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Welcome to Adazuri!   A high fantasy world in the midst of a magical technology revolution. As an adventurer, your journey may begin as:  
  • A student of an adventuring academy, such as Alykin Heroes Academy
  • A member of an adventuring guild such as the AHA League or Tifwado Adventuring League
  • An independent agent for hire in the Independent City of Tifwado
  • A brave soul who ventures into the Just Desert
  Adazuri is experiencing an age of growing prosperity after the mortal's victory in the Devils' Storm. Recently, however, there have been undercurrents of tension as the Devils slowly rebuild their powers and the Demons run amok. You have the chance to determine the direction the new age of Adazuri will take.  
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