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Summer Camp 2022 Articles

  I had no time to organize before summer camp. Barely any time to write the articles during. So now I will organize and post all my SC articles here so that it’s a little easier to see the themes between the worlds. Still a bit more articles I want to write to flesh out some of the SC ones. (Particularly my orc society which I have pages of notes about). To make a short story long, please feel free to click any that catch your eye.  

Mesa Dunes

  Great overview of the entire region. I’ve included some blurbs of other cultural groups you may find in the area.
Mesa Dunes
Geographic Location | Jul 28, 2022
  Capital city of Zuvmurt Kingdom. The tag line is ‘blood-soaked streets of gold’. So if that’s your jam, this is your city.
Settlement | Jul 30, 2022
  This is a great article if you’re thinking about a dystopia war novel where children are broken into cold blooded killers and dead allies rise to kill their former friends.
Zuvmurt Military
Organization | Jul 30, 2022
  I decided to make the king a coward as I was writing this article. I also have ideas for his twin daughters, since they would be the ones to show up in a campaign or story. One goes the route of Zuko but the other stays Azula? Except since they’re identical twins you’re never quite sure which one you’re talking to.
King Turgesa III
Character | Jul 30, 2022
  Basically just a super strong weapon. But it has personality! I added DnD stats in case anybody wanted to use it in play. But it’s definitely not balanced. Devil-killing weapon and all.
Zuvmurt's Gold Khopesh
Item | Jul 23, 2022
  Monster or not. You decide. Some Jekyll and Hyde vibes. Hungry Hyena on the back of their head. People stealing their eyes and tongues for dark magic.
Species | Jul 25, 2022
  Creation Myth? Fable? A popular story Kishi would tell their children.
The Hyena and the Double Headed Twins
Myth | Jul 25, 2022
  Sand Halflings! They’re some of my favorite.
Ethnicity | Jul 9, 2022
  Drizdi religion. Everything contains a spirit. Magic users can harness that spirit. Circle of Life.
Wanderers of the Wind
Organization | Jul 24, 2022
  This is a cute kangaroo mouse. Inspired by the jerboa. I like to imagine halflings riding them, even though I ultimately made them a bit smaller than I originally did. But maybe it’s a pony situation.
Species | Jul 24, 2022
  Another visual I had of sand halflings racing through desert dunes on a surfboard.
Sand Sliders
Vehicle | Jul 9, 2022
  Since Zuvmurt has so many slaves, I knew I wanted a monstrous item that had to deal with slavery. What I like about this was the original purpose wasn’t to enslave folk, but to ensure others keep their oaths.
Blood Bond Bracer
Item | Jul 30, 2022
  Less dark because it’s all about healing. But the kind of healing the requires a tiny blood sacrifice first.
Blood Glass
Material | Jul 9, 2022

Kudinyana Kingdom & Perennial Woodlands

  I was in an alliteration mood. I really like the bit of all the cursed sapphire statues of people who attempted to enter the kingdom and failed.
Sibilating Sapphire Shield
Technology / Science | Jul 23, 2022
  Capital city of Kudinyana Kingdom. This one even includes a map. This country has major inspiration from Japan, mostly around the Kamakura period.
Settlement | Jul 23, 2022
  This is very much an extension of Illiwz. My favorite part about this location is that there’s some residue gravity magic at work, so just walking feels more like floating.
Amethyst Shores
Geographic Location | Jul 23, 2022
  I love me some schools. This one has some brutal training though. Not much time for shenanigans. (I lie. There’s always time for shenanigans.)
Jugonshi Academy
Building / Landmark | Jul 18, 2022
  So the “Samurai Class” in my world was basically created by those who can do magic and thus fight in a war against a Devil and their minions who definitely use a ton of magic. Thus upheaving the original class structure by allowing anybody who can graduate from the Academy to join the upper ranks.
Jugonshi Warriors
Organization | Jul 18, 2022
  This is the Noble Priestess class. There are other religious leaders who are more ‘for the people’. The Saio are not.
Rank/Title | Jul 30, 2022
  This article gave me the excuse to mention all of the creatures I wanted to make articles for but knew I had no time. Still keeping with the Japanese mythos theme for this area of Adazuri.
The Hunters Exhortation
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 25, 2022
  What I like about this article is that even when a cure was found, it’s not complete. If every day you age a year, there isn’t much time before you lose most your life. (Unless you’re a half-dragon or elf.)
Sapping Fatigue
Condition | Jul 26, 2022
  My favorite part of this is the little blurbs about the tiny folk they discover here. (Moss Sprites are inspired by Soot Sprites from Hayao Miyazaki.)
Lost City of the DragonSnake
Settlement | Jul 30, 2022
  There’s a door painted on the tree. The door cannot be opened. Also, there’s a stone dragon who turns to flesh just long enough to incinerate anybody it doesn’t want near said door.
Guardian DragonSnake Tree
Building / Landmark | Jul 29, 2022
  These are my tiny bears. I love them. I don’t typically like to equate species with ethnicity. But as of now, these are the only korpokkur known to folk. If I find another place where they fit, I may split this article in two.
Species | Jul 30, 2022
  Normal kid. Studying to be a healer. Through a series of happenings, he happens upon a Lost City. Basic adventure tale.
Samkenami, Discoverer of the Lost City
Character | Jul 28, 2022
  I apologize in advance for any shifting of tenses. I couldn’t decide which I wanted, then I was trying to go through line-by-line to make it all past. When I have time, I want to rewrite this from a bookworm’s perspective.
The True & Honest Account of Samkenami
Document | Jul 31, 2022
  Keeping with the anime theme of this universe, this is a more obvious shout out to One Piece.
Seeking the Dragon Fruit
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 24, 2022

Lofty Peaks and Valleys

  Not so much a battle as it is one young woman’s fight to free a cursed race. There’s a lot of bits that could be expanded in it’s own articles or short story in the future.
Bombing of the Insurgents & Flight to Peace
Military Conflict | Jul 31, 2022
  This connects with the military conflict. I struggled with whether to write about the girl or the dragon. I love dragons, but ultimately felt like the overhaul theme of my universe (Children doing crazy sh*t when they should be at school studying for exams) worked better by having the teenaged hawk girl be the hero of the story.
Irra, Mother of the Cursed Ones
Character | Jul 31, 2022
  I had really hoped to finish another ethnicity article that I couldn’t fit into any of the prompts, so as to give my Orc Unchained Society articles some more meat. Just know that it’s coming soon. And enjoy the hints of how an anarchist, mutual aid society thrives.
Council Person
Profession | Jul 31, 2022
  More of my Unchained Society. I could really picture this celebration in my mind. Unfortunately, I waited too long to put it down on paper and am afraid I didn’t give the celebration justice.
Lifetime Rep Celebration
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 31, 2022
Hey There!   Thanks for checking out my summer camp 2022 page. I hope you’ve enjoyed some of my writing. Or shall enjoy them. Let me know if you have any favorites.   August is my time to start reading since July was more hectic than usual for me and I can’t write an article under 600 words to save my life. (I think there may be one!) If you want me to read anything you’ve written, please send a message on my profile with one or two of the favorite things you have written. You don’t even need to read something of mine. I just love to read and comment on other people’s creations.   P.S. I wrote this hello here solely for the reason that I hate the way my articles look when stretched across the entire page. Also, you won’t have to scroll way down to see this. (Unless you’re on mobile).

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