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Amethyst Shores

Located in Illiwz, below the Imperial Palace, Amethyst Shores is the birthplace of the amethyst dragon kindred and the purported lair of the founding amethyst dragon, Illisumera.  

The Violet and Violent Falls

The crowning glory of Amethyst Shores is the wide purple waterfall which runs from an underground river beneath the city. The rushing river plummets from the cliffside transforming into great sheets of water, which crash into the sandy ground below. The waterfall stands nearly 2000 feet tall and 500 feet across. The powerful plunge of the waterfall is so grand, the water's foam and mist looks more like purple clouds which dance upon the ground. It is the large abundance of amethyst crystals which turn the waterfall purple. The mineral deposits also color the surrounding sand.   Beneath the roar of the waterfall, there is a gentle humming in the air. Some say it is from the vibrancy of the magic. When walking amongst the shore, your step feels lighter. You feel that if you jump, your feet would never touch the ground again. The magic here is gravity magic. And it is true that when a person leaps, it takes a few moments longer for their feet to touch the ground. Instead of falling, one merely drifts to the sand.  
Folk who enter the Amethyst Shores' hidden cave are surprised to find that the river runs uphill, against gravity. Within the many cavern tunnels, there is a smaller waterfall thought to be even more magnificent. This cavern waterfall flows upwards from a deep, amethyst-lined lake, creating the wide river which powerfully surges against all laws known to nature.

Blessing of the Saio & Hidden Dragon Horde

  Many kindred and foreigners travel to Illiwz specifically to behold the majesty of the Amethyst Shores. Some may come only to admire the beauty of the crystalline waterfall, which roars from the cliffside cave. Others may hope for an audience with the Saio Priestesses and Priests who live in the majestic cliffside temples of the shores. The Saio are purported to work for the benefit of all dragonkin. In reality, one needs enormous clan influence or even more coin to request a private audience with one. Common class kindred may go to the temples in hopes of spotting a Saio. They believe that touching the sleeve of a Saio will create a future opportunity to gain pride. Though touching their scales without permission will surely incur a pride debt that a common citizen could never pay back.   The bravest of folk choose to explore the caverns behind the Amethyst Shores. While technically illegal to enter, it is not well-guarded. Primarily because the first of many challenges is entering the cave itself. Some try to climb the slippery cliffside. This surely leads to death. Many enter with goal of finding Illisumera's lair and the forgotten treasures she left behind. Few return. None have discovered this ancient lair and naysayers believe the lair doesn't exist at all. Or if it does, an ancient amethyst dragon wouldn't be so laissez-faire as to place the entrance in such an obvious place. The one who discovers the dragon's horde, however, is promised treasures, ancient lore of magic long forgotten and artifacts with the power of the dragon gods.
Flora & Fauna
  Magical Amethysts: These amethyst crystals are the largest unrefined export from Illiwz. When welded properly, it allows the user to have limited control over gravity.   Amerjiraki: Small translucent fish, which emit a purple glow. The amerjiraki feed on the mineral deposits from the amethysts. The fish is shy and hard to catch. However, amerjiraki brings luck to those who find them. This lucky fish is kept as a pet, housed in aquariums lined with amethyst crystals.   Purple Kelp Forests: Purple kelp is carefully cultivated and only served to imperial half-dragons. However, many folk covertly collect purple kelp. If caught, debt must be paid to an imperial clan member. Regardless, there is a highly lucrative black market for purple kelp.
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