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Hey there! My name is Cassandra.   I consider myself a writer, but since I can be honest here, I love creating my playgrounds so much I sometimes forget to actually get to the story.   I strive to create stories and universes that amplify points-of-views not always found and mythos not often explored.   I had wanted to play RPGs since I was fifteen. It took me fifteen years to actually sit down at a table and roll for initiative. I write this in case there are other shy Black women out there reading this. Role Playing is for you too -- if you're anxious about playing, reach out to me.   Currently working on the universe of Phasmatum. Backdrop to a series of books I'm writing. Dreams of creating an expanded playverse.   New Project! Adazuri: This is a campaign setting I’m creating for my nieces. It’ll be set in a shonen-inspired high fantasy world.