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Illiwz (ill-e-WIZ)

Illiwz is the capital city of Kudinyana Kingdom and the imperial seat of the Empress Sani Illisumera Hiringo. Originally founded around 7600, Illiwz was destroyed in 8250 after the Battle of the Dragonlichs. A coastal city, set high atop rocky cliffside, inhabitants believe the ancient gem dragons sleep beneath their feet. And perhaps even sneak out to play. Illiwz is known for Jugonshi Academy, once one of the greatest academies of magical theory, Jugonshi is now a one-year battle magic school.  
The Stranger Who Hides Scales: It is a common superstition in Illiwz that one should treat strangers with respect, especially when alone. "The gem dragons are not gone, merely hiding amongst their kindred. So if a stranger asks a favor, it is good to honor it. For in the future, the dragon will return that favor to your family or clan."

City Districts

Imperial District
At the highest point of Illiwz, overlooking the Amethyst Shores, is the Imperial Palace and Gardens. Enclosing the palace and gardens are elegantly shaped golden rods, which are magically enchanted to ward off all interlopers, including arial attacks.
Referred to as, "The Bird Cage" by Illiwz citizens, whispered jokes spread of the Empress being trapped in her own palace. Contrary to this belief, there are many hidden trap doors from which the Empress or other members of the family can exit.
Surrounding the Imperial Palace and Gardens is the Imperial District, open only to half-dragons and their kenin. The imperial district houses all of the children of the daimyo and kuge, who attend the Imperial Academy, as well as many family members who are not inheritors of their family's land. As a result, Illiwz has a vastly higher percentage of half-dragons than other settlements. Nearly half of all imperial class members throughout the kingdom reside in Illiwz. Clans with the most pride, as well as the Saio live on the cliffside of the Amethyst Shores, closest to the source of the amethyst gemstone dragons' power.
Scholar District
Outside the Imperial District, is the gated Scholar District. Once a beacon of knowledge, Illiwz was known for its immense libraries of arcane lore and artifacts. Most were destroyed during Battle of the Dragonlichs. After the redesign of the Jugonshi Academy from theoretical magic and practice to practical battle magic, the Scholar class rebuffed the changes in their district. The arcane lore and artifacts that were not destroyed were hidden away. When the libraries and research centers were finally rebuilt, scholars made them exclusive to their class. Although the some librarians and researchers may allow for other class members to explore if they can prove their love of knowledge and disdain for cheap battle tricks.   To the disgust of the scholars, Jugonshi Academy resides in the center of their district. The Academy, which was once their shining achievement is now a constant bane - bringing droves of warrior class kindred who permanently relocate to the scholar district. Harrowing explosions--and not the kind from experimenting with different magical ingredients--sound at all hours of the night.   Jugonshi Academy is well-regarded throughout Kudinyana Kingdom and their allied states. Thought to be the best preparation for battle mages and essential during the endless wars. Graduation from Jugonshi guarantees entry into the highly sought-after warrior class. Recently, Jugonshi Academy has allowed for select transfer students to join their enrollment. For each foreigner who attends, fifty ashigaru post in the foreigner's state to help fend off invaders in their country. This arrangement has infused fresh tactical thinkers into the Jugonshi and strengthened their partnerships with allies.
The Shogun secretly plots to bring some of the smaller states under the rule of Kudinyana Kingdom. Of course, this won't be possible until the Sibilating Sapphire Shield is understood and their borders can be expanded.
Common District
The outermost district of Illiwz has no walls or gates. The common kindred live here, the city ever-slowly expanding. The common district is low and the outermost areas often contend with saltwater flooding. Many clan-less and immigrant folk live in temporary dwellings near areas with the most flooding. In the common district, there are plenty of inns and taverns for kindred travelers. And enthralling performances from senmin entertainers. Near the shoreline is the Merchant Coastline. Traveling merchants set up temporary shop here. Goods are constantly flowing through, rotating markets are open daily, and interesting tales can always be found.  
Trade in the Merchant Coastline is cheaper than in the city, proper. Often happening before the inspectors have time to record all the goods a merchant wishes to sell. But beware of looking too naive on the coast, for many a merchant has spotted a village kindred and charged them three times the price!

Trade and Tourism

  Illiwz is primarily a merchant city. Goods are imported into the city from other districts and regions and are sold to traveling merchants and artisans. However, the amethysts from the Shores are harvested and crafted into gemstones to be sold. One popular export from Illiwz are the Amethyst Gravitas Wands and Rods, which can give users limited control over gravity.   Amethyst Gravitas Wand

wand, rare (requires attunement by Spellcaster)

This wand has 7 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 or more of its charges to cast one of the following spells: fly, levitate, or magnify gravity (spell save DC 15) from it. You can increase the spell slot level by one for each additional charge you expend. The wand regains 1d6+1 expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend the wand's last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the wand crumbles into ashes and is destroyed.

  In addition to the bustling trade, many Kindred travel to Illiwz to attend the best schools in the kingdom or study under a Shihan or Jushihan. Illiwz has a specialized healing center for dark curses and disease. And the Amethyst Shores brings adventurers willing to risk their lives to discover the amethyst lair.
Illiwz, the Amethyst City, is the birthplace of the Amethyst Gemstone Dragonkin. Amethyst Shores is a revered place to the Dragonkin and the brave explore the caves beneath the waterfall in hopes of finding a lair.  
Inhabitants of the City
There are around 30,000 folk in Illiwz.
  • Half Dragon: 30% ~9,000
  • Dragonborn: 20% ~6,000
  • Quarter or Eighth Dragon: 15% ~4,500
  • Kobold: 10% ~3,000
  • Humans: 10% ~ 3,000
  • Halflings: 10% ~ 3,000
  • Other (elves, half-elves, half-orcs, hobgoblins): 5% ~1500
Illiwz has a strict Social Structure, which determines the districts a person is welcome to enter. The common district is open to all folk. However, the deeper one travels into the city, the more likely they will be turned away at the gate.  
Included Locations
Owning Organization

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