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Summer camp 2022 pledge document

Once again Summercamp is upon us soon at WorldAnvil and pledges are made to do better. I for one will not fall short of this, but this year it will be different for me. Due to a visit from a friend I am not able to write as much as I might want to in the middle of Summercamp, but I will try to reach that DIAMOND!

Creative Goals and Motivations

Since Nimenra and my novel is my forever ongoing project, I will continue to write in them and for them. As it stands, I feel that Marlun is missing a lot of things, from organisations to interesting places and people overall. This is mostly due to I have been struggling with new worldbuilding and new information of the kind like "how are settlements placed?", "what does transportation look like?", "Why is Marlun so empty in the middle? and etcetera. Marlun is in most need of renovation, and since it is vital to the plot of my novel, I should really get into writing it.
This does not prevent me, however, to write in other areas of Nimenra since I discovered last year that it was hard to fit some prompts to my pledge (and I somewhat forgot it a tiny bit...). This is somewhat of motivation and in the end, Marlun will hopefully be more... alive? At least filled with things that hopefully make sense.
Now this presents some challenges for me with the themes this year:
Last year I wrote a bit about Marlun but still it is a location I feel is empety. My focus was also Nekuram, but I did not stick completly to it since I found some prompts fiting in other places. If you want to read last years summer camp, you have it here:
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The Themes of Summercamp

The prompts are yet to be revealed for Summer Camp but the themes this year have been revealed to make us do homework... and plan a bit ahead. The four themes due, in fact, fit into Nimenra but Marlun in particular. I will probably go to other parts of Nimenra as well but try to focus on Marlun as best I can.


This theme is... wide. It is all I can really say since this can mean anything on the frontier to the unknown. Marlun is widely explored and unexplored, many secrets that hide are still there waiting for someone (me) to write about them.
Addition during Summer Camp: In a normal turn of events for Worldkeymaster, it seems like the Forest of Telamirein will be the centre point here and not Marlun! Ops? No, but as I already have written about the forest in Marlun in Swedish, I won't be doing it in English this year, even if I would edit and re-do a lot compared to the Swedish original. We will see what will be done here, might throw something into Marlun as well.


This will fit alright into Marlun. While many locations are explored and some characters are famous for it, I will wait and see what this theme has in store for us all. Technology is something I dread but I was kind of able to make last time and during WorldEmber. We just have to wait and see!


This... will be fine. Leadership means so much in a world like Nimenra where war is ongoing. Not only that but already have a few characters that can fit into leadership roles that have not been written and one or two organisations on top of that. Traditions might appear here and I have a few cultural or military ones that can kind of fit into this as well. There is also a lot of opportunity for opening ut Marlun and Nimenra's past here.


This... is... actually good. I have not written enough about creatures in my world nor have I written about the past evils and other villainous happenings. As I have focused on the present a lot this year might be looking a lot back and into the past of Nimenra. I have the First Demon Lord as a good example of one I can write about relating to Marlun and that will be fun if I get the chance.


To be added. Inspiration is hard to come by for me. Lightning strike my head once or twice with it but I also... tend to forget it as soon as I try to write it down, unfortunately.


Yeah, this one goes out of the window every year. I can try but I do what I feel like during the days (if I am not working) and thus I make more articles one day and the next I make fewer. This is driven by my interest in writing (and a bit competing) and thus I go at the pace I can manage. I do have a week where I can't write as much due to a visit, but might be able to throw in some writing those days.


There are some extra things I will leave in this document.
I want to leave this from last year here, it is my kind of template for articles and how I usually try to make them look:
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There is also the into to Nimenra, since reading my world can be kind of... all over the place:
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Primer to Nimenra

That is all, thanks for reading and good luck in your worldbuilding!

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