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A never-ending war

A primer to Nimenra

Ah, you want to explore Nimenra? I see...
I am Everam. I have been writing down all I know from my own journey around the world, seeking knowledge and legends alike. It is most likely my writing you will come across here. While I have explored most of it there are regions, like Narzuvim and beyond the Eastern Passage where even I have had problems reaching. Thus, most of my writing of those places are from others, hearsay or narrated passages I have come across from asking around about these locations. One day I know the chance will come when these locations are accessible even for me. But for now, as long as the never-ending war continues, I will keep writing down what I find, hear and know.
So welcome to the World of Nimenra.
The war of a thousand years seems to never reach its end. Nimenra has seen conflict for so long, even when the greatest wars has died down at times. The war has ravaged many generations, however, leaving scars and tolls on both people, organisations and locations all over the great continent. If Nimenra is to be defined it is the conflict that has been giving it life and death, meaning and immateriality, fear and hope...

The War for Marlun
Military Conflict | Nov 12, 2021
Nimenra do survive on its own from the conflict. With three large landmasses to explore there is an incomprehensible amount of knowledge, adventure and danger to be found. As this standing article set you on the path to explore deeper into Nimenra, remember that everything is in motion and things that we know today is not the things that we might know tomorrow. One such thing is what a simple letter can change about the perception of the world...

The locations of Nimenra

The continent, as it is well known that Nimenra is not the name of the whole world, is divided into three known, large landmasses. These three areas are not accessible to everyone, Narzuvim has not been seen by a single human and Telamirein has not been seen by a demon. The only contact these two races has is through the third landmass that the whole war is about: Marlun.


Geographic Location | May 11, 2022
Telamirein is the home and birthplace of Humanity. Here is where the countries of Humans exist in both conflict and peace with each other. The mix of lush plains, farmlands of grains, pouring rivers and the deep forests are beaming with life. The west has the only open lands towards the seas while the largest lake is found right in the middle of Minrans Plains and the centre of Telamirein. Eastwards is a mix of fertile and fierce lands and hills. To the north, one finds the Jorvemlands, a cold, frigid and mountainous region where humans also live to raid the south. Telamirein is seen as civilization while Jorvemland is untamed. The countries in Telamirein are the ones that rule all of it, at times fighting Nekuram under a united banner while also fighting amongst themselves.


Geographic Location | Mar 4, 2023
Marlun is the central region that binds together the other two landmasses. The conflict for this area has been going on for the last thousand years. Most of the conflict is held in the eastern part of the "Crater", as it is also called. There the only sign of organisation is Glarn, the city of Marlun. While not the only location in Marlun with life, the villages beyond Glarn is often ages, destroyed or forgotten when war arrives. Even if there is no war in a few decades, the fear of one coming has a hold on the citizens of Marlun. In the western reaches, there are the Three Mercantile Cities, three neutral and countryless cities that keep for themselves and out of the conflicts of Humans and Demons. In the east, the lone town of Thoiwhik is left alone for its not so interesting location. Only the daring goes beyond the mountain-pass in the east...


Geographic Location | Dec 25, 2023
Narzuvim is home for the Demons, the Necur. Here there is only one country, the Country of Demons or Nekuram as they call it. Narzuvim spans far with a wide variety of plains, hills, forests and the longest continuous strip of land towards the sea that is not blocked by mountain or hilly terrain. The floodplains in the centre give life to almost all of Narzuvim with rivers stretching far to get to the seas. The western hills and mountains house the many prospects of minerals and metals. In the east, the great Galati Forest faces the Necur and all of Nekuram, being a "jungle" as they call it with more danger than all of Marlun and Narzuvim combined, but hiding mysteries and creatures not seen elsewhere.

The Races of Nimenra

Many would suspect Nimenra is a place of many races and they would be wrong. Only three races of sentient beings are found on Nimenra's vast landscape. They have all fought at some point with each other, survived and thrived in many different ways. They all relate in that they once were created by the various Gods and Other Gods to fight in The War of the Gods as the Eight Pantheons agree. What is understood between the races are different as one would expect, Demons are evil and morphed according to Humans, Humans are indifferent and unruly to Demons and Dwarfs are stubborn according to all, and isolationists. The contrasting and differing opinions have varied over time and are not always fixed, even if it would seem that at many points in time.


Species | Feb 11, 2022
Humans are the inhabitants of Telamirein and have lived there since forgotten times that even communal and oral history can retell. Overtime on Nimenra, Humans have emerged with several diverging cultures and beliefs in the Gods and morals. This has both brought together and clashed Humans with each other, creating tribes, kingdoms and other constellations that rule small and large lands of their own. Their diversity might be most of their strength and fault when it comes to their lives. Humans do also have proven very intuitive and bright and able to be united against common causes, like in the war against Nekuram. Humans are thus seen as quite adaptable to the other species. The species have somewhat of an affinity for magic, though not as strong as amongst Demons.


Species | Mar 30, 2023
Demons, or the Necur as they call themselves, are inhabitants of Narzuvim. While the label "Demon" mostly stems from early encounters before and after the start of The War for Marlun, it is even used amongst themselves. If Humans are diverse by their differing cultures, Demons are much more so in all aspects. Necur is the name mostly used for a "normal demon", with their auburn skin. In reality, Demons are many races of Necur, or so is believed. Salendites, Vampires, Succubies, Tatarus and even the small Urukin are all seen as Demons and Necur in the eyes of all species on Nimenra. While there is an obvious variety amongst them, the Demons have since Nekuram united most of Narzuvim stayed united and stable, for the most part. Magic is inherently strong but still varies amongst Demons.


Species | Jul 6, 2023
Dwarves of Nimenra are stubborn, hardworking, grumpy but friendly and warm. Their origins are from the mountains of Asunndre, the mountains in the south-western Telamirein. For a very long time, the Dwarves had several kingdoms of their own incorporated in a federation ruled from the capital of Kasta'eim Irrend. This was long before even the Humans had organised large tribes and the Demons had ended their war strife and unstable times. The Dwarves had their own share of wars and times of tests amongst them with a stable exploration of the mountains. Times changed when The Great Quakes hit The Dwarven Kingdom hard and reduced it to a remnant of itself. It isolated itself and few Dwarves travelled or lived outside it. Some larger communities live in the Kingdom of Ravero.

The Many Countries of Humanity

Perhaps Nimenra would not be in such a conflict if the world had been looking kinder. Telamirein is the home of a multitude of countries and states of differing beliefs and constellations of power. Cooperation in-between countries have been successful but equally hard to achieve when countries have differing agendas and see each other as potential threats as they grow larger or unstable by the winds of time. Humanity, for all its good and ill, is a diverse species after all and what comes next in the countries of Telamirein can only the Gods predict to some degree.

Kingdom of Ravero

Kingdom of Ravero
Organization | Jan 11, 2023
The Kingdom of Ravero is notably the largest of the countries in Telamirein and can trace its legacy back to the Renvaren tribes for its royal family and a few of the noble houses. Ravero could be seen as the mildest of countries these days that once had a violent past with others and itself. The country is stable for its size since many of its inhabitants have been either of Renvaren ancestry and tradition, been incorporated peacefully or suppressed by the might of Renvaren arms. In addition to stability, Ravero is the only country with access to the seashores and have begun exploring outwards as explorers have dared. It has also had varying relations with its neighbours, notably with Orfordwhelm in recent history, and with the north where raiders of Jorvikans comes from. Ruling over Ravero is King Wallis Lionhiron, an absolute monarch with a house of nobles that have since changed into a representative council. Unlike other Renvaren monarchs, he has been seen as weak and indecisive at times. As Ravero stands without allies during a perilous time, the king and the Renvarens choices are a large deciding factor for what is to come.


Nilaminra {The Theocracy of Nilari and Minrans}
Organization | Dec 30, 2023
Ruling the large centre of Telamirein is The Theocracy of Nilari and Minrans, or Nilaminra shortened. The lands this country arose from had a stable and close to united relationship and prosperity until the trust was broken by a single event. Once home to three countries and after the very event that separated them, they united into a theocracy ruled by The Nini, the representative of the Goddess Nilari. A notable fact is that the country is highly organized and yet also structured by a "Code of Aid" which puts people into a most intricate and complex system of ownership, overlordship and duties. The country is also famed for being highly religious and has two state Patron Gods, Reliona and Nilari, that is said to watch over and defend the country in times of need. It has had struggles on both sides with Ravero in the west and Orfordwhelm in the east but survived and thrived around Lake Merluni with quality soldiers and devotes. The war that has arrived will test these people, however, and the next actions from the priestesshood and The 36:th Nini is unknown to all.


Organization | Jul 6, 2023
In the east rules a vast giant and is the home of warriors, Orfordwhelm. The country's history is a violent one that forged from the rebellions and wars when they were but an unruly province to the former, vast country of Kyrkas. From the time they sized their place in history, Orfordwhelm has paved a bloody mark on history, conquering and expanding at a fast pace, becoming larger than even Kyrkas. The country has fought battles in the honor of their Patron God Orios and as with conquerors, they are a diverse mixture of cultures, ethnicities and traditions gathered under one country. The Orfordsmen put their needs before many of the other ethnic groups and cultures, especially during times of war which have led to a strained relationship in many places of the country. The Chief-King and his nobles and governors, however, holds a strong hand over everyone, acting out harsh punishments for rebels and evildoers across the country, even on their own. This proud country in the east has looked westwards for many generations with failure but have also had a reputation of abandoning the course against Nekuram during The War for Marlun. Perhaps as the war reignites, they see opportunity...

Kingdom of Telaron

Kingdom of Telaron
Organization | May 9, 2020
The Kingdom of Telaron is in a precarious position set between three competitors and giants. As a long-lasting country against many threats, the Telar people are known to be hardy settlers while under the mountains of Israk. Many are insightful and have used this to the advantage so that Telaron survives. As of the moment, the kingdom is protected by the Kingdom of Ravero, despite the other two large countries seeing it more as an occupation. The royal family is more than happy to acknowledge their country's inferiority, however, since the obvious territorial hunger and pursuit that Orfordwhelm has on their borders. As the country in between the west and east, many that flee the oppression that Orfordwhelm pursues at times come to Telaron to resettle which has created a multi-cultured environment in the country. The Grey Road and its meagre environment spans a large portion of the country's east but have slowly begun a rebirth after Orfordwhelm's war campaigns.

The United Necur Realm of Nekuram

Organization | Jul 22, 2022
While Humanity is split in between countries, Nekuram is whole and united, spanning across most of Narzuvim. This was not always the case. Nekuram has a very violent past that is obscured in legends, myths and tales which is many times indistinguishable and change. Schoolers and others that have tried to research the subject have met resistance, contradictions and interventions from Krakos, the God of the Dead and Darkness and Protector of the Necur. which leaves them dazed and forever reading or listening to the old. It is, however, the nature of Nekuram to only look as united as it does to the outside, to Humanity. As it is told by Demons who live outside the country, it is a fractured state, acting more like what is called a federation under a uniting king and government. Territories and duchies have varying amounts of power and leaders in charge have differing, sometimes opposing, agendas. With what little knowledge that is known of Nekuram's internal political structure, the Demons are still much more united and stable than Humanity but at the same time the opposite.

Central Nekuram

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Generic article | Aug 18, 2021
Nekuram's core territory and what is ruled by the Dark Lord, or King of Necur and King of Nekuram, is located in Central Nekuram. While also divided into duchies, Central Nekuram is mostly controlled by the king himself as he has the ability to call upon the aid of all dukes or Heretegs in all situations. This mix of plains, hills and mountains are the home of the "normal" Necur species that showed little differing outward traits from humans. Central Nekuram was long ago all of what was Nekuram until it expanded, conquered or assimilated the other territories of Narzuvim. The capital is thus located here, but leaving a long distance to the western territories.

The Tarus Plains

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Generic article | Aug 18, 2021
Home to the Tartarus and Water-plains Salandites, The Tarus Plains is a territory de facto ruled by the Tatarenus Councils and the King of Nekruam together. A land of green grasses and rivers, these vast expanses of variation with river valleys lead a core of trade from east to west with canals and natural waterways. Tatarus are a nomadic people and species, with a few settled townships dotted along rivers and in open fields where large farmlands trade for tools and goods. Close to the coast and along the eastern border the Salandites, or specifically the Water-plains Salandites, rule a small region on their own under a mystic leader.


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Generic article | Aug 18, 2021
East of the Water-plains Salendites and the Tarus Plains lies one of the more natural hostile regions in Narzuvim. The swamp region of Aneglnagai, or Murky Shallows, is the home region to the Salendites, or specifically Swamp-salendites. While the fauna is unfavourable there are still settlements that are more than capable of surviving and thriving in the thick underlay and among deadly creatures and plants. The region is governed by the Salen Towns Councils, located in the large town of Uisleab and the Nekur nobility who have dared to settle on its borders. Travelling outside of the roads is an adventure in itself, a dangerous one...

The Vampire Duchies

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Generic article | Aug 18, 2021
The vampires of Narzuvim are the rulers of The Vampire Duchies, a region that they have ruled for centuries or even millennia according to themselves. It has a dark narrative of pledges with a hierarchy of aristocracy and centres itself around families and relations. The Duchies were the last region to join Nekuram with its forest- and silver-rich hills. It is still ruled strongly by its leader The Red Lord, though all the families have somewhat equal opportunity to be at Nekuram's council.


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Generic article | Aug 18, 2021
To the very east lies the large Galdumia region. Originally two regions of Galduri and Rhymia, they merged after a large-scale disease outbreak devastated the local Urukin race and other locals. Across the region, there are old ruins from both the outbreak and of ancient times, long forgotten. Galati Forest is a large, far-reaching expanse that has hindered further explorations and hides the unknown. For the time being the region is ruled by local nobility and both assigned and elected governors until the region is ready to be split again.

Galati Forest by A of Worldkeymaster (Artbreeder)

The Eight Pantheons and the Gods of Nimenra

Nimenra is diverse and yet conforming when it comes to religion and the belief in the Gods. Most humans hold The Gods of The Eight Pantheons in great esteem and so do most demons as well. Understanding religion, while complex, is quite simple in the eyes of Nimenrans.

The Eight Pantheons
Organization | Mar 4, 2022
The Gods did not create Nimenra, not even the world. Instead, the world was found by the Gods, who took it as Their own. There were many Gods, not only those of The Eight Pantheons, some got along while others did not. To make a long story cut down in a most faulty way, war erupted between the Gods and they fought in a devastating conflict across the world and Nimenra, which the Gods of The Eight Pantheon decided to call their home. In this war, humans and demons fought until the end where Rhyn and seven other Gods, among them His sister Reliona, had won. The Siblings of Stability and the rest of the Gods would cast out The Other Gods that had wronged Them, threatened Nimenra and done evils. This is the narrative that is agreed upon by the Eight Pantheons.
While it is hard to know when the war happened, the Gods do actively act upon the world to varying degrees. Reliona has intervened several times, so has Orios while Askersound and Krakos have rarely done so. They all have taken Their place in domains and Their choice of what They stand for, like Nilari is the Goddess of Peace. While Rhyn is the one in some capacity is seen as a leading figure for Them, no God have a lesser position in the hearts and minds of Nimenrans.
Note that The Eight Pantheons are the Humans way of seeing things. While speaking for all the demons are hard, they do share a strong belief in Rhyn and Krakos. Demons in Marlun do speak about all the Gods of The Eight Pantheons, so it is safe to say that they too share a similar way of seeing things, but with a much stronger belief in Krakos as their protector.

Beyond Nimenra... and its future

While Nimenra is the world we know, there are other places in the world. Human and Necur explorers have rarely set forth beyond the shores of Nimenra due to that those who have tried have either never come back, or sailed back in fear of what they have met. But one human captain has in the recent decades been successful to sail beyond the shores and brought news of another world, another continent. While there, he met other humans with who he had some interaction in the name of his benefactor the King of Ravero. Even so, other races have been discovered amongst these humans and opened the world up for Nimenrans, at least for the Kingdom of Ravero who has the only known shore towards the seas.
I have seen these humans and not only heard of them since they have arrived on the shores of Nimenra. Few know the languages of Telamirein and much fewer have gone beyond Ravero's borders. They are strange and cautious people which I would interpret as... deep-thinking, sly. I might see too much into their attires of strange fabrics and differing manners. I usually do welcome strangers after all. Perhaps they might foreshadow a coming change in Nimenra. Might their dignitaries become a part of the events in Nimenra? As I see it, they most likely will, if the eccentric man I met will lead them that is.
Nimenra is heading towards change with not only the help of human explorers. Rumours are that Nekuram tries to brave the seas beyond the islands that are located close to their home. Nothing of public knowledge is known yet, but if the west hides a large, sprawling and multi-race country, what does the south, west and beyond the northern shores hide from view? What lies beyond the eastern mountain range? What ruins wait to be discovered in Galati Forest and what do the old ruins in Telamirein and Marlun tell Nimenra in the future? As the War for Marlun rages on, what heroes and villains will emerge? What the minds of the most important characters will show is no one sure of. Marlun is a battlefield that is waiting to be engaged in once again. Emotions, warfare and destiny are only waiting...

Yes, perhaps one day the conflict is over. The War for Marlun, a never-ending war, might be resolved and dealt with. Will it be the Regent or Heroine that resolves it in the end? Only the Gods, or maybe not even them, knows what comes next for Nimenra...

This Primer is inspired by Cassandra Sojourn! Thanks for the inspiration, Cassandra!

Cover image: Marlun Expanse Header by A of Worldkeymaster (Artbreeder)


Author's Notes

This is the primer to the world of Nimenra, welcome! I would gladly take comments on what I could improve in this, as I am sure I can add more for new readers to know when they start exploring. (Oh, and I did a extra "light" spellcheck but knowing me, I will have missed something!)

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