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Nilaminra {The Theocracy of Nilari and Minrans}

Religion drives many of us to do our day to day lives while the Gods and Goddesses are entwined in our world with everchanging influence. There is no wonder then that people see to religion and the Gods for rules and guidance. What fault is there to have a divine guide or in the case of Nilaminra, The Nini, to rule the people in the name of the Gods, carrying their given words as law.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
The theocracy of Nilari and Minrans or Nilaminra as they are called by outsiders and the crowd at large is one of the larger countries that humanity shaped at Nimenra. The nation is lead by a religious leader called The Nini who rules with her council of priestesses from the Cult of Nilari and the Nilaminran Church of Reliona. This has been called a theocracy or a nilacracy by the other nations for their odd political way. It is also one of the members of The Council of Four Kings and a leading party in the alliance.


Nilaminra is known for having the most complex structured organization for a country on Nimenra. It is organised with Nilari's representative the Nini as the one on the top of a long stretching hierarchy which is consisting of nine levels. These can then be seen as four different circles. Starting with the three bottom ones as the lowest in the hierarchy, peasants, "diggers" (miners) and tanners etcetera build this lower level. Many here are those who are seen as the workers and a base for society, who makes food possible, builds houses and work to gather materials. In Nilaminra they are thought to be ruled over, to be those who listen to the rulers above them. Rights are not given to them except the laws that give some protection for them. However, there is no reason to abuse power or think that you are mightier or in the right when working with the three lower levels of the hierarchy. Many of these people are still much capable of great things, just look to the origin of Nilaminra... The fourth, fifth and sixth level is the Freemen-citizen, nobles and knights of different grade. They are formally remnants of when Nilaminra was three countries when nobles had the power above many and knights and soldiers that did not belong to an order were levy and important men and women who worked for their masters. Nobles and knights are today in the country not as strong as they were and own rather small portions of lands. It is very rare to have a new noble house being inaugurated in any of the three noble chambers in Astria, Heren and Relaniia. More so, Freemen-citizens are the city people, refiners of material and owners of properties. With their emerging enterprises and ownership of companies that can go beyond even countries themselves in some cases, they are an important part of society and is considered by the priesthood and the Nini as more important than the nobles of old.


The theocracy is manly based in Minrans and it's plains, surrounding the large Lake Merluni, on all sides it is surrounded by the other two largest countries, the Kingdom of Ravero and Orfordhwelm. Much of these lands were owned by the original three countries, Hestandi, Isvrik and Karakand, that Nilaminra came about from. Most of it is dedicated to farming of many different kinds due to its fresh water and fertile lands. To the east, the Forest of Telamerein is a haunting and dangerous place between Nilaminra and Orfordhwelm. Attempts have been made by both sides to expand into it, but over the several thousands of years that they have, only about two kilometres on either side have been gained, which have been met with retaliation from the forest. The northern areas are mountainous and have towns that extract copper, tin, iron ore and various minerals in the form of crystals. There is less metal than crystals, which has given the theocracy the reputation for fantastic jewellery and jewel makers in addition to their religious minds.


What makes up the army for the nation are large infantry squads of units that gather their strength from their faith. Several orders stand with their members if the God allows it, especially the followers of Reliona are devoted groups of participants in Nilaminra's army. It is mainly Her followers that compose the country's army and therefore it mainly holds infantry with a mixed part of ranged weapons, close combat and elite riders. One of the many orders is the Order of the Holy Relinnias that is considered an elite force and who has their main base in Nilaminra. Unfortunately, after a horrible spell done by Nekuram's mages sometime ago, they lost many of their strongest combatants and since have rebuilt the order.

Nilari ectra tetracy (Nilari is ruling (the theocracy))

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Theocracy
Predecessor Organizations
Nilander or Minraner
Leader Title
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Like the other countries around, Nilaminra is using the name Laviren for its coins. Their coins are minted with Nilari's symbol, which is "a spire of peace with a woman's sweet hand above it in a merciful guest with an open hand facing the sky". The other side of the coin is embossed with the date, the first name of the Nini and the jewel that the Nini chose for her reign.
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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