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The Nilarian Church of Nilaminra

While the religious authority guides all countries. Few do so with the firm hands of The Nilaminran Church... Even the Cult of Orios stands to dwindle in their position of power in Orfordwhelm.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
The largest of all organized religious organizations, the Nilarian Church of Nilaminra is one of two churches that are established in Nilaminra. Devoted to the Goddess Nilari and performing various religious ceremonies in Her name, the church also maintains the state of Nilaminra with civil servants. With their influence over the state through the authority of The Nini, the Church of Nilaminra can be seen as one of the most powerful organisations in Telamirein. Currently, the Nilarian Church of Nilaminra is recognized by The Eight Pantheons to be the representative organisation of Nilari.

Structure and hierarchy

Like Nilaminra itself, the Nilaminran Church has a complicated hierarchy, unlike other organizations of similar form. Almost all are exclusively women in the church. The lowest rank of all is the devotees, the women and men that worship Nilari as their main deity of The Eight, and acolytes, the apprentice priestesses. These acolytes aid their seniors and learn from them, many are sent out to smaller towns and villages. To advance further the acolytes have to perform cleanliness rituals and religious ceremonies to determine if she is worthy to continue and show her dedication to Nilari. Depending on these results they continue down varying paths, some towards civil service, others to exclusive religious duties and others are chosen to follow other branches, such as ladies-in-waiting for nobility or matrons. The internal structure ends up eventually in the political and religious positions close to The Nini, namely as Her stateswomen and Chosen of Nilari.

Tenets of Faith to Nilari

Guided by Nilari, we shall do no harm, forward peace and hold Her name true in our hearts so that others will find their way.
— Nilandrian prayer
Many rules that the devotees in the church follow align with what Nilari primarily represents: Peace, Happiness and Prosperity. While the list is long for anyone trying to become an acolyte or a priestess, five tenets summarise what guides the church:
  • Guide towards peace, not conflict (Peace)
  • Allow happiness to prosper in all that is not evil (Happiness)
  • Let the inner workings of our soul and feelings rule lightly (Purity)
  • Think before one acts, let your mind not be rushed into action (Patience)
  • Prosper in Nilari's light, She will aid you, She is your caretaker (Protection)

Places of worship

Together with Reliona Nilari created the first churches, stone buildings with high roofs to allow the singing of Nilari's angels to be heard and where people can seek protection from evil in case it ever approaches. While the two share locales, the Nilaminran Church do prefer having their own churches, many in close proximity to Reliona's. The main entrance is placed facing west, as the windows on the opposite end will have a window to allow the light from the sun to lay down on the floor in the morning. Many churches in Nilaminra have windows with blue and white stained glass to create displays of glittering and represent the peaceful nature that exists inside the church.
Nilari aids me when the dark thoughts close in on me. That is why I serve Her, for the Goddess has protected me, and I want others to know what the Goddess can do.
— Nilarian Priestess
Founding Date
945 V.D.
Alternative Names
The Nilarian Church, Church of Nilaminra, Church of Nilari
Leader Title

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