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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2023

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a powerful organization in your world
A total of 674 entries

The Dominion of The Polympian Empire

Consolidated Railway Corporation

The Scholar's Path to Hidden Divinity

Montgomery’s Wizarding Wares and General Store

The Bureau of Heroic Management Systems

The Brotherhood of Noranalashagedlaufinkol

The Northern Galeric Rail Barony

The Ascendant Group Party - AGP

Redstone Astronautics Corporation

Königreich des Leeren Throns

The Paladin Order of Atlantis

SC.2023.01. Tsou Ministry of Culture

Creator Gods of Arbressian

The Obsidian Syndicate

The Draught Aggregation League

Royal Order of the Serpent

The Creation Project - Jupiter Branch

Military Intelligence White

Hounds of Artifact, Relic, and Débris - H.O.A.R.D.

Company of Stonemasons and Carpenters

The Men of the Wild, the Black Rangers

The Unified Banker's Guild

People's Rebublic of Fromata

United States Terrorists Identification and Surveillance Network

The Ordained Guardians of the Bond

The High Elven Clergy: Guardians of Ancient Wisdom and Power

The Multiversal Explorers Association

The Guild of Arcane Engineering

New Draconian Technocracy

LofAA - League of Adventuring Academy.

The Brotherhood of the Feathered Serpent

The Seekers of the Fallen Dragon

Guardian Knights of the Alyite Order

The Oakspines: bridge builders enabling colonization

Knights of the Splintered Oak

Luuxinor Mercenaries' Guild

'Advent' The Adventurers Guild

The Union of the Mist / Shadow Brigade

Intergalactic Governing Force {I.G.F}

The Order of the Golden Brazier

Congregation of the Eternal Spark

Environmental Conservation Organization

Imperial Society of Physicians

The Magi Alliance of Enlightened Futures

Büro für Ordnung und Zwergische Einheit

Imperial Intelligence Instrument

The Circle of Belen, the Light-Giver

Magic Items and Potions Administration

High Council, Adirondack Park Alliance

Druidic Circle of the Secret Keepers

The Commonwealth of the United Peoples of Midgard

The Eastern Patriarchy of The Mother

The Corporate Guidance Reformation

The Multi-Realm Assembly of Mystic Life

Chaos Eluding Intelligent Entity

Commonwealth Front of Arcadian Science