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Last Time Company

Basically the reason you are here. The reason why this world is the way it is right now. You can say it's a business, since we are selling exactly what the clients want the most. You can say it's a bureaucratic organization ruled by an egocentric person who believes he knows who deserves a second chance and who doesn't, I would beg to differ but I know why someone can get that impression.   We do this to help. Help outsiders, believe or not, but also ourselves.


The company is directed by the Granter, who established the company and dictates the rules that determine who gets their wish granted and how. He is constantly supervising everyone's work, even when team managers believe that they are the only ones doing that job.   Teams are designed according to the job, usually for a five hours period of the day. They tend to interact more with members of other departments than with their own peers.   The administrators of Security, client support, Damage control and Selection seem to be idle nowadays, but their job is to take care of any necessary changes in the process and work together to keep the schedules in order.


Because of the varied backgrounds of the employees, a wide variety of customs and beliefs is expected from them, and there is an environment of acceptance that allows both to do as you please and to show your discomfort and disagreement towards others' ways. People feels encouraged to share they values and habits and create relations on their common ground.   But that's on their free time.   Just as the rueful won't move a finger for the company or its clients out of their working hours, they are expected to be nothing more than employees as they do their job. Is well known that breaking a single rule will get you fired before the end of the day. Nobody is shy to ask to change the distribution of their five and quarter daily hours of work, quite the opposite, they chose them carefully to make sure that they wont be distracted.


According to the stories, the Granter is the last of his kind, summoned with his predecessor's last breath, to restore the order in a world that had fallen into chaos. He used the first Hourglass to reign the time and its magic, making the contracts possible, and to give their power to the other items used to grant wishes.   Whether that's a legend or the very truth, his administration is the only one that any rueful remembers.

We won't fix it for you!
(No, you didn't hear that wrong)

General Data

Founding Date
A lifetime ago, today
Secret, Occult
Alternative Names
The Company
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Public Agenda

Loss is inevitable. But sometimes it happens too soon, or those involved didn't got ready for it on time. In the worst case scenario, the circumstances could have been different. Should have been different.   Regret appears then. More often than not, it destroys people, and they destroy others as a consequence. More often than not, it can't be helped. Managing those emotions is the most likely solution, but many are unable to do so. Here we determine if they deserve the chance to repair the irreparable or if they should be dealt with before they cause more damage.   We don't grant wishes like those before us; we only give people one last time with what they loved, so they can either save it or say goodbye.

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Jul 13, 2023 10:04 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)
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Esto evitaría que más de uno se convierta en un villano por no poder decir un último adiós.

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