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Border Guard

Not everything in the forest is dangerous. But there is a lot of unexplored terrain and areas where everything would try to eat or scare you to death. Some creatures are just sensitive and destroy everything they don't know just in case it is about to attack them. It's all in the maps and in the signs on the forest.   People would ignore the signs.   We thought they were having issues to understand the symbols, and the first guards where sent to the borders of the restricted areas. The number and requirements for the job grew as they were faced with more and more responsibilities.   It didn't matter if they were polite or harsh, people would give them a hard time and find the way to get in restricted areas. Even as the guards ended up entering to try and rescue them, they wouldn't follow instructions, either because they were too scared, too stupid, or simply busy question authority even as they are eaten by a toy shark. Too many of them are the latter. I guess the kind of people who ignore reasonable rules until they get in trouble are also the kind that will be demanding and outraged when they should be thankful and apologetic.   Either way, they were getting hurt for no good reason. When I complained about it with the administrators, Katerina provided a simple solution: “The signs are right there; they want to enter any way? Let them have their fun. Do they need a bodyguard? They may as well hire one by their own means.”   The decision was unanimous. The employees were given options to give better use to their skills, and the safety of the more daring tourists became their own responsibility. Everybody feel happier that way.



Other than the protection offered by their uniforms, they counted with they preferred weapons, which could vary depending on their origin worlds, skills and their interest to learn about what this world has to offer.


Each team was assigned to an specific sector or the forest, a restricted or dangerous area. In theory, they were suppose to stay in the safe side of the signs, but visitors could be stubborn and use all kind of tricks of find a way in despite the vigilance, and then the guards would have to spend the rest of the day running all over some horribly place to save their lives... or die trying.   The members of the team would determine who was to stand guard in the entry and who would patrol the limits of that zone. They took turns or have a system to decide who did what; if that failed, roles where assigned to each person or they were reorganized in other teams.

Dangers & Hazards

Anything from boredom to death could happen in a normal day of work. You will understand once you have explored the forest... unless you are smart and lucky, in which case you won't go there.
Alternative Names
Forest guides
Administration / Management
They were more important than visitors new, and many people was necessary to cover enough terrain.
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  • Knowledge on the maps and species documentation
  • Excellent orientation skills and attention to detail
  • Good communication skills
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Ability to read/understand people's behavior
  • Physically strong and/or agile.
  • Knowledge on the use of at least one magical or technological weapon useful against known dangers from the forest
  • Knowledge in the standard symbols
  • Leadership skills (added a few years before the discontinuation of the role)
  • Career progression

    Unofficially, the guards with better people skills and other abilities on the field, became team leaders and would take the responsibility of distributing tasks and giving instructions that some of their coworkers would blindly obey.  

    Payment & Reimbursement

    Just like any other employees, the guards had all their needs covered by the company , and access to the main building's leisure resources. When they wanted something else, they could ask for it by the established channels, most requests were accepted or discussed.  


  • Travel
  • As long as there weren't any visitors during their turn, they could just enjoy the day.

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