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The company's headquarters

The biggest building in the premises is were every outsiders starts their journey. According to the legends there have always been doors to our world, and I do think that it makes sense, that past Granters have set them to communicate with people from the worlds the shards come from. Currently, this building is the door, and it works quite opposite as the way the others did: the door is on this side, and people don't find their way into this world, we found them using modern technology, and bring them to the building with magic, usually when they sleep or when they are a little out of their minds due to their sorrow or anger.   Here is where we use and generate both the technology and the magic involved in finding, evaluating and, if possible, helping the people who needs an impossible second chance.

Purpose / Function

Here is where administrative operations of the Last Time Company take place and the clients are welcomed and evaluated to determine if it's possible to grant them a wish.   Most of the employees of the company live on the upper floors and the main data center of the company is located in a room that not even technicians can (or need to) find.      
General distribution of floors
IAttention to the public, including the customer attention counters, lodgings, cafeteria and gift shop, among others.
IIPersonal only offices
IIRestaurant, kitchens, recreation & sports area, gardens, libraries, infirmary, and other facilities to satisfy the employees needs
IVPrivate & personalized rooms for employees.


Oh, don't ask me. I only know that most floors look like an L, and they are too many for my liking. It's all so squared! At least some curves have been added to the front, and my room is more to my liking, more... fluent. Every room has some things that are familiar enough to the owner, so they can rest well, but the rest is... kind of rough.   Even the tower in the roof is like that. A tower with angles and corners, imagine that! Yeah, imagine it, you are not going there.   The walls are too thick, too. Made with bricks, prism shaped bricks. Anyway, I guess those things are normal where you come from. Many worlds are like that, all corners and sharp lines. And I don't really understand architecture of any world, I just don't like this particular kind.   Is what the boss knew, though. That's what it looks like that.   And it doesn't really matter, because despite how it looks, it has a way to feel like home for all of us without loosing that bureaucratic air that clients seem to understand.


Other than the needlessly thick walls? I'm just half joking. Those walls do protect us, but not because they are strong, but because of their composition. They were build with the Shards of things that their owner desperately tried to protect and lost anyway, and the granter's magic made them repel ill-intended ghosts and people.   The area is place of gathering for the kind of shards that area made to build homes and keep people safe and healthy. As long as people is reasonably sane, nothing dangerous can grow here. I mean, every employee has their issues, but only some have issues that make them have horrible definitions for home, safety and health; and they all try too keep their darkest side at bay. The granter keeps the changes under supervision so he can restrain the few problematic manifestations that show up.
Founding Date
Today, or more precisely, 4 centuries ago.
Alternative Names
The company's headquarters
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Characters in Location
Related Tradition (Primary)
I don't even keep track anymore. You wouldn't believe how often I just use the "you are here" map in each floor.   Every time a new employee comes to work with us, the building changes. More often than not, they get a room here too, and that means the addition or reorganization of a room. But there is also small variations related to common activities and spaces. There are always some free Shards in the building, ready to be integrated in a manifestation to make place for new people. Besides that, any new incorporation may cause changes in how other employees live, or they can start a group that needs certain acommodations; this days, most of the meetings take place in the park or some other areas of the village, but occasionally a new room is added in the building.   The granter enjoys creating new spaces and will take every excuse to do so, and a new area ends up being less useful or more dangerous than expected, it stays there, closed and maybe even forbidden sectors; the same goes for rooms that are left by employees that go to live to the village or if they go back to their lives, which is probably the rarest even in our world.
It's actually pretty simple. Once the granter decided that he was going to make a wishes granting company, he knew that he would need some sort of headquarters, and changed the shape of the small house he had build for himself here.   It was kind of empty at first, and only two floors where necessary back then, but he knew we would need more space later. He just didn't know how much more it would be, since he wasn't planning to hire more employees, it was supposed to be just him and the administrators.

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