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Me? I'm no one.   I'm just trying my best to show you the place and let you enjoy or judge it by yourself. You may have noticed that that is kind of hard for me; please don't mind my comments about things, I only make them because I know you don't really need to take them in account. I'm nothing but one of many employees here.   Do we really need to talk about me?   Oh, well. I guess it can't be helped.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

I've been working here for a few centuries, does it really matter what I did before that?   Oh, no, it doesn't mean that I lied about my age. First of all: time flows different in some worlds, and even creatures that are technically the same species age different depending on their origin worlds and the magic they have been exposed too. I made an approximation based on the physical condition and lifespan equivalences. That said, you also have to consider that ever since the company's time loop was cast, nobody ages here.   Of course, if you want to compare our ages by maturity... well, lets just say I'm not always as serious as I am at work. As for experience... it's always difficult to compare, because many paths are parallel, you know? I haven't lived much myself, I was quite the sheltered child, but I learn from other people's mistakes and I have had so many opportunities to do so, that I may as well be older than your whole country.   Yes... I have had a lot of history, but I wouldn't call it personal.


I have recently taken some courses on personal management and client support... Yes, "recently" means a century ago or so, what do you mean that's not recent? I'm sorry, I'm terrible tracking time, and being always on the same day doesn't help.   No, I have never taken a course on time management. It was recommended by the bo-ss says it doesn't matter as long as I keep arriving on time to all my meetings and remembering everything in order so I can use other events as reference.

Mental Trauma

Before I got this job, I was... I worked with very confused people, and I have to admit that sometimes they confused me. I made mistakes. Horrible mistakes with long lasting consequences. I remember them all. None of those mistakes can happen again. Never.   And someone I love dearly was murdered. Twice. That can't happen again either.  

Personality Characteristics


Wouldn't you like to know?   I know I would. But I don't feel like there is some reason behind anything I do. Remember what I said about not being especially mature? Well, I just do what I feel like doing, like a child. I simply enjoy my job: all day meeting new people, chatting, showing them around... and if everything goes well, I got to see them grow a bit. I love seeing people grow! It's how I grow too. It's how I feel, even. Don't go around telling this, but I don't do or want much my self; the things other people fight and cry and works and wait for. So I accompany others in their journey, and then I can do all those exciting things.   Right now I'm in the middle of a... situation. Yeah, I do have my own emotions and effort put there. But I can't tell you about that. Not yet. I can only tell you that I have to leave you for a few minutes later, as I take care of that.   Busy as I am with those unexpected priorities, I still want to do my job. That's why I'm giving you a tour, actually. One of the employees wasn't feeling well and I'm covering for him.

Likes & Dislikes

  • I love a good story
  • Darkness is full of surprises!
  • Carrots are the perfect vegetable, no wonder why they exist in every single world.
  • Getting to know new people, to really know them, is the best!
  • Apparently I shouldn't enjoy judging people this much, but that's part of knowing them.
  • Second chances can save a life, or many.
  • Don't call me "missus"
  • I hate traveling long distances.
  • I don't like people to see my every move... or any of them.
  • Yes, failure is how we learn. It doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.
  • The only thing worse than dealing with a liar, is when you have to be the liar.
  • Corners and squares are annoying.
  • dislikes
    Wise Aggressive
    Current Status
    At work. Covering for... an unwell host.
    Current Location
    Late thirties.
    Circumstances of Birth
    I don't remember.
    It's kind of soon for me to tell you about my birth world.
    Current Residence
    A lovely room with no corners in the top floor of the main building.
    Dark brown. Big. Almond shaped. Close set.
    Black, long, wavy and thick.
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Light brown, smooth.
    Aligned Organization


    As the Head hostess at the Last Time Company I have to see that every host on my team is doing and enjoying their job. I supervise and support them and I have to report to the client support administrator as well as coordinate with other managers.   It's quite fun. The best job I have ever had. I can do what is needed without taking the spotlight. I can learn a lot about people, even those I don't meet in person. And I often get to do the guiding myself.   You know, being a hostess is quite liberating. I have no idea why people doesn't look at hosts twice, maybe it is because of the tour itself. Either way, that means that they are quite honest around me, and I can work better that way. In the past, people would think they needed to pretend, it made it all so complicated!  
    She's a terrible team player, but she knows people and what they need. More than anything, she cares.
    She would do even better working in security. She has a way to move around the building unnoticed, and she is good judging outsiders' intentions. If we are lucky, she hasn't lost the ability to judge employees too.
    Desirae? I don't talk much with her. She's boring, stays too long on the same thought, and doesn't even flinch at the worse of storms. She would be a good mother, though.
      I haven't thought about it. The thing about reading people's intentions, I mean. The rest I've heard it before.   I find it easy to understand what people need and want. The difficult part is to learn what they would do to get it, and what they would do if they don't.   It's always worth the effort.

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    Author's Notes

    July 27, 2023
    What does she do in the shadows? Mostly her work, like she said. But there is also... Well, I'm not saying that it's something bad, but I'm not saying it isn't.

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