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You may think that is a delicate greenish moth, the less of your issues as you hide from a monster or try to find shelter from a tornado or a thunderstorm. Look again. Still a harmless bug? Yes, it definitely looks like it. Now listen at the laugh in your head, try to figure out where it comes from?   Oh, yes.   She doesn't only find it funny that you are afraid right now. She is making it happen. This ghost is the kind that can manipulate shards to trigger their ugliest manifestations. If you are lucky, it's only smoke and mirrors, a show to terrify you. But you have no way to know, so maybe is better to keep running.   Just make sure not to run in the same way she takes. Yeah, she's leaving already. She never stays in the same place for long, it's a big world and she wants to know every inch of it. She's more interested in the journey that she is in your fate.  

Special abilities

- Like other Innocence birds, she can orientate herself even if all her other senses are hindered.
  • She is able to trigger the process for dangerous or scary ghost to arise.
  • While she prefers to fly, Laura is able to teleport herself to anywhere.
  • Many of us have the feeling that she can hear thoughts, but she keeps denying it. What she definitely can do is to make people hear her thoughts.
  • Maybe I could decide a distance and direction, or use that thing some humans call coordinates, but I've never tried. Why would I do it, when I can just go somewhere knew and enjoy the surprise?
    — Laura, about teleportation.
  • She's emphatic. In this case, she says that it only allows her to notice and understand other's feelings, but I'm not convinced that she can't mess with other people's emotions too.
  • Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    There had been other forms of her in this world for a long time. Katerina and other administrator met some of them; all nasty in their own ways, many were uninterested in communication and responded to no name. They would get killed by their prey more than they would die in accidents, and the shards of Katerina's childhood would remain shapeless for a while, floating around and triggering the birth of other Innocence birds, until they took form again.   Laura herself is just another one of those manifestations and just as prone to dying like the others, but she was born in the company's time loop. With the reset, she goes back to her original state, and continues to haunt the company premises.   All this time she had done nothing other than flying from one unknown place to another, in the middle of storms summoned by herself. I don't think that she's affected by rain, and everybody knows that the Innocence birds don't need to see where they are going to orient themselves, Is everybody else who suffer with the darkness and gets hit by lightning, and that's why many of us had learn to avoid her.


    She doesn't work for the Company, but she helps the Cartographers so often that she may as well be an employee. Occasionally, when she fails to scared a lost tourist to death, she helps them to find the way back or guide them as a host would. Some of them are even convinced that she's nice, simple misunderstood. Others think that she's the weirdest hostess of the company but, again, she doesn't really work with us.

    Accomplishments & Achievements

    She is the first being (human or ghost) to survive the haunted houses, and the only one that has explore them all. One may even say that she did so without loosing her sanity, but some would argue that there was nothing to lose to start with.

    Failures & Embarrassments

    Day after day, she fails to reach the end of the forest. Something distracts her, or she gets lost of die before getting to far. It doesn't matter: she'll try again, day after day.

    Mental Trauma

    Well, you can't get killed as often as she does without developing some new fears, but she doesn't dwell on them because she's busy, always mesmerized about something, or hunting or scaring someone, or throwing herself into another traumatic situation.

    Intellectual Characteristics

    More that smart, she's well informed.   Her memory is pretty good and she has lived a long life of discovery and curiosity, so you could think of her as a flying encyclopedia of sorts. When she stops to think about something, she will have a good idea based on reliable information. It's a pity that she rather jump into things without thinking.

    General data

    Current Status
    Exploring the Mines in search of secret doors.
    Current Location
    Date of Birth
    More than 4 centuries ago
    Somewhere in the "forest"
    Current Residence
    Her kind doesn't have one.
    black, compound
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    green with darker tones in certain areas
    She still thinks that the goddess exists, but she isn't sure how much of what the The bidaddous said of her is true.


    There is no apparent purpose to her wandering, which means that the journey never ends. She just wants to know what—and why— everything is, and there is nothing stopping her from trying to find out... except predators and territorial ghosts, of course, but with each iteration she learns more about one of them until she's able to get it out of her way.   If you question her about her reasons to crave for this knowledge and to be constantly exploring, she will be extremely confused. She just does! Is her instinct, I think, to figure the world out. Is what her kind does.   Her reasons for being mean and doing what she can to inconvenience and scare others, is equally simple and hard to explain: she's throwing a tantrum. She carries the disappointment of a little girl whose family was murdered for doing something they have taught her was good and rewarded. She carries the rage of a vindictive child who didn't have the strength to punish her enemies.   But Katerina also treasured her family and her childhood; she was a loving kid. Why aren't those the manifested traits? Nobody knows exactly why a ghost behaves in a certain way, but some say that Laura actually has a kind side, and it's true that she had help some Cartographers and travelers many times.  

    Friends & Ties

  • Her best friend is an almsmen that is currently living in her own world.
  • She and the granter understand and respect each other's way of think and behave, but that doesn't stop them from constantly ruining the other's attempts to reach their goals.
  • Katerina likes her —just don't tell them I said that— but Laura has trouble tolerating her.
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