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Innocence bird

This -usually- adorable ghost is the manifestation of one or more shards related lost childhood and focused on the curiosity and freedom of that age.   Just like its cousins, the Innocence puppy and the Innocence cat, each specimen of this species presents different traits that would be considered supernatural or enhanced in most worlds. The most common are telekinesis and the ability to affect other people's mood or even hurt or heal them. Besides, most of this ghosts have special skills to orientate themselves even in extreme conditions, and they are able to perceive the mental and emotional state of creatures and people around them.     Depending of the nature or what was lost and what came to replace it, they will either be benign, scary, or just have their fun recklessly. In rare occasion, they may be destructive and aggressive, with quite dangerous abilities.   We don't know what determines the abilities, but the theory is that is related to the person who used to own that lost sense of freedom and curiosity.    


  The shard type is oh-1 (emotion/state gone during childhood), if any other type of shard mixes with them, the nature of the resulting ghost is not considered an innocence even if some may seem like variants of this species.   Because they are usually formed by a single shard, they were originally cataloged as a , but occasionally they can include more than one, even from different sources. The "cell" code is always omitted in scientific names.   The specific variety that takes the form of flying small creatures (birds in the big majority of cases) is called liberty.

Basic Information


They are usually shaped as small birds, fast, light and usually colorful, but is not uncommon to find one with scary looks (usually dark birds, bats, vampires and cockroachs) if the emotions related to its source are negative. Occasionally, they may adopt forms difficult to describe, probably due to the nature of the person who lost them or some aspects of their childhood.   Either way they are equipped to fly really fast and don't have many physical traits designed to cause damage to others.

Genetics and Reproduction

This creatures aren't able to reproduce.   Some ghosts may seem to do so when some of their shards are used to give origin to a new being (this happens by the influence of a Granter or some intense, persuasive shards), it may be considered as reproduction, but in this case the innocence bird would cease to exist instead.

Growth Rate & Stages

They don't have physical changes but it's possible that the interaction with other creatures and people leads them to develop new abilities. There is no particular stages for that kind of process and all this varies from one specimen to another.

Ecology and Habitats

This and other kind of innocence beings, don't have a particular habitat. They don't build nests or prefer any particular environment conditions. They just fly around with no particular route.   What makes them stay in a place, is the connection to other creatures. They may be able to take care of themselves and enjoy a solo trip, but they still like to come back to their friends (or convince them to travel with them).

Dietary Needs and Habits

Ghost don't need to eat, and this species in particular doesn't specially like it. That said, any of this creatures may or may not develop interest in any kind of food they try (or even dependency to it). And they would try anything.


This kind of innocences are easily distracted, don't understand boundaries or care about distance or danger. They will accompany their friends anywhere they go, or follow anything that catch their attention. They are curious, carefree, and they love to sing almost as much as they love to explore and learn.     Many of them are also extremely empathic, and they will stop their lives to cheer their loved ones up. Maybe even a stranger.
Scientific Name
Geographic Distribution
Geographic Origin And Distribution
They can be found anywhere in The company's premises
Average Intelligence
While innocent, they are very smart. They understand the world around them like any clever person would, and have an excellent memory.

Is that an innocence bird in the company's logo?

  Yes, it is. And before you start thinking they are capable of manipulating the shards, of any other of the crazy ideas outsiders always get about them: no, they are impressive but not in that way.   Employees have all kind of theories about the reason to make them the symbol of the Company's power and goals, and we don't tell them the truth because is fun to see them try.   Were wishes meant to be for kids only? Is it because The Granter did all this to cling to his own lost childhood? Because they are the embodiment of the freedom of those who feel safe and loved? Maybe there is no good reason, and they are just pretty?   Somehow it got into people's head that it's the third option, even if they don't notice, and they associate our work to a way of recovering that freedom. While clients look at the logo and think about wasted time, employees think about the supposed meaning of the innocence bird.   I do like that idea, even if it isn't true. It keeps everyone motivated.   Do you want to know what really happened? A dead innocence bird was the one who put this whole thing in movement. Yeah, you may have heard that nothing dies here, that they just come back at the end of the day; and how would a ghost die anyway? Well, ghosts can die, just like everybody else. They get hurt, or their shards are pulled by others and one ghost disappears to form a new one. Innocence poison themselves or get in dangerous situations all the time.   This one I was telling you about, found her way into the Mines, and was dying when her best friend found it. The granter was horrified to... ahem... He was horrified. Death can't be fixed, but you can easily avoid the mortal situations once you know they are going to happen, but back then every day happened only once, so he turned an hourglass for the first time to give them another chance. The silly thing gets herself killed almost every day—she was eaten by a cat a few hours ago—but now that we live a single day, she's fine after each restart.   Either way, the boss didn't stop with that single hourglass, as you can see, but he has always like to remember the beginning of things.


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