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The unrecoverable

There is a reason why Shards can take all kind of shapes, and that's because they come from all kind of shape. People love different stuff, after all. Some invest all their resources and efforts in finding some kind of love or respect, while others give up love and respect to obtain resources or minimize effort. One day, by mistake, they lost what they have fought so hard for. Others find out that life is meaningless without some of the things they have given up.   I may have told you before: each case we deal with is different. Yet, in essence, they are all the same: each potential client has lost something that they can't recover. There is grief in it. Rage, sadness, regret, fear... The loss is a good place for horrible stuff to be born. Maybe the worst of those things is the insatiable need to get back what was lost, but the reason why people would give a blank check to an stranger to get something back, is because they needed and love it, maybe they even worked to build it.   The value that those irrecoverable things hold, is shattered when they are lost. And those fragments are powerful in a different way. They can kill the person, or their enemies. But in the right hands, or with proper direction, shards can build a world... or repair the irreparable.


Origin & Source

Dreams, hard work, happiness, love, greed, needs, lies, envy... The possibilities are endless when it comes to attachment and loss.

Life & Expiration

Only what's whole can be destroyed. The unrecoverable will forever remain the same.   Even if it's shards are in use, taking new shapes and becoming part of new things, they will forever carry their nature and be tied to their unrecoverable source. Once the original owner has decided that they can move on, or when something has come to take its place, what was lost of broken will forever be unrecoverable.
Extremely common in every possible world
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Trade & Market
You can't sell or exchange what you don't have, do you? And the feeling of loss is not exactly something people would pay for, they have their own. Is in the shards, in the meaning of what you can't recover, where the real treasure is. Not for everyone, of course, but—lucky you—we are not just everyone.
Just like the shards and the it's best sources, the unrecoverable is uncontainable.
It follows the original owner even if they give the shards to somebody else.

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Jul 16, 2023 06:19 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

interesting take on the material!

Jul 18, 2023 15:14

Yeah, I wonder... is it really a material? It has to be, everything is build from that in this setting.

Jul 18, 2023 23:30 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)