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Just another nameless country

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October 2014

This is a regular country: big cities, small towns, forests and mines. It does have a name, it's just that it doesn't matter what that name is.

Their culture is mixed and so is the predominant race. They seem all too willing to adopt even more stranger traditions and people, and to ignore the history and DNA that lay in their own core.

Here, the variety of generations, genders and social classes don't always understand (or respect) each other, but they coexist. Even The Two Familes clan has some people designated to interact with the rest of the country, despite their implicit rule of staying away in their own city. The latter may be the reason why nobody seems to have noticed that they are Sorcerers.

It's hard to find a job in most professional fields and art is not a way of living, but that doesn't stop people from pursuing a career and being creative. Just look at Molly, a college student who recently brought the villain of her novel into the real world.

Crime rate is low, accident rate a bit higher. There are some unexplainable events once in a while, as there are everywhere. Every local could tell you: nothing much happens here that wouldn't happen anywhere else.

World Cover: A cityscape by karoots from pixabay.com