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The Granter

This person has ruled the Company since its beginnings. He knows how to use the shards and is quite responsible, even if he seems to be nothing but a bother at first.   We'll talk more about him later, okay? Don't forget we are against the clock here.  
  Okay, okay, if you insist.   I guess it was to be expected for you to be curious about the guy who rules the place. I just forget about that because we see him around every day and he is not too interesting. Maybe he's to busy to be interesting.   He used to be just a person back in his world, or that's what I've heard. Whether he was summoned by the previous granter or found his way her in any other way, it allowed him to discover the Shards and his ability to manipulate them.

Mental characteristics


As the Granter, he takes advice and listen at the requests of basically everyone here, and use his magic to manipulate the shards into manifestations that we can use here, or wishes that allow people to have a second chance.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Look around. He didn't build it on his own, but he's the one who made it happen and the holds the key to keep it working and improving; we all do all part, but nobody else could do his.   No granter before built something like this. People would ask them for help, promise things they didn't plan to remember, and obey all their instructions because they were desperate or greedy and granters were powerful and confident. Then they forgot about it if they could.   With him, people doesn't make promises nor do they beg, they find their own strength.

Failures & Embarrassments

You looked around. Now look closer. Guess who you have to blame for all those corners and the claustrophobic atmosphere. Guess who hasn't been able to make a schedule that prevents the long lines at the counters.   The forbidden areas? Many of them are his fault.

Mental Trauma

He likes to forget about the wrongs people has done to him. Specially the inexcusable things from the people that should have love him the most, like his parents and...   Ahem.   No, his parents weren't mean to him. He will tell you that and he will seem honest because he does believes it.   But if you tell him, for instance, that your family doesn't know that you are in another world because they don't care about your whereabouts, he will ask you if you want to use your wish to make them understand that they are neglecting you.   If you go and tell him that you almost set the kitchen in fire a few times and your mother only knows it because the fire department called her after their fourth visit, he will offer you a wish to be adopted by your neighbors.   Or, if you say that the only time you told your them that you were being bully, your parents were mad because you were making them loose their time with children nonsense, he would feel pity and give somebody else a wish to restart that day, and cheat to stop that from happening, because no child should ever feel so scared and guilty at the same time.   He would outright offer you a job so you don't have to go back there if you tell him that you study at a coffee shop and got yourself a job for the weekend because your house feel too lonely when they are there looking at everything and everyone but you.   Yeah, he went through things like that all his life, but "it's different" because they were busy, they didn't meant to, they didn't know.   Bullies at school? It wasn't that bad. Just words.   The scary guy that put a knife on his throat to steal his empty wallet and a plastic watch? He didn't really hurt him, his hands were trembling too.   Yeah. Is all in the past. He likes to forget those things.   But he still risks his and other people's life by walking beside the sidewalk to avoid being near the walls and its shaded corners. He still is self conscious about all the things those kids at school mock him about. He still think people is just being polite when they show him gratefulness or affection. He's still afraid of... Well, you get the idea.   Don't get me wrong, is a good thing that he has left the events behind. The problem are the open wounds. But he doesn't let them control his life and, give it a few more centuries, he'll get over them too.


Contacts & Relations

He knows everyone around here, and we all know at least a side of him. You know how it goes: a low rank employee thinks that he's so polite and carefree, while the managers are thankful with him for making their jobs a little easier sometimes; the previous clients would tell you that he's a business man, and the people in the city would tell you he's an artist. Maybe you would see nothing but a young man trying to make himself helpful as he wait for the time to leave.   People here likes him, yes. I have the feeling that you may find him weird. That you wouldn't understand all the restrictions and rules, or his reasons to be here. Because here he has friends and coworkers; and too many admirers, but when it comes to outsiders, he is either a seller or the horrible man that refused to give them what they wanted.

Social Aptitude

He's a little self conscious around strangers; many employees and lost think that he's keeping the distance from the mere mortals, and I can see why they get that idea, just like they can see why the powerful, constantly busy granter doesn't have a comment about the Village's gossip. But he is also the kind of people that is polite and makes everyone in the room feel included; it takes him great effort even if it seems natural for him.   More often than not he sounds judgmental or distant, but the truth is that he's never to busy to listen to others.
Wise Altruistic
Current Status
Busy with annoying yet unavoidable tasks.
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Circumstances of Birth
His parents wanted to have children. What they didn't wanted was to be parents. Is kind of a sad story, but is over now.
Circumstances of Death
If you really need to know, he's not dead... yet.
Place of Death
That's a little personal, you know?
Current Residence
main building, a suite in the upper floor.
Hazel, big, round and close-set.
Aligned Organization
Founded Settlements
He’s not that special because of the impressive power he holds. Many had that power before, and he’s the first to use it responsibly.
He hired me in person. I was so angry back then, I don’t know how he knew that I had what I took to start over. I mean… he did say that he didn’t know that, but… he invited me. Imagine it. Being invited by the boss.
— And employee
I like him. He is what I couldn’t have been even in a perfect world. I like what he’s done to this place too. I don't meant to ruin his day, is not
I grew up listening to stories about the great mages that could control time and nature, so it never crossed my mind that he was one of them. Not even when he granted my wish.   It was after a while living here that I had the chance to understand the complexity of this world. No regular boy, magic or not, can build a fair company, let alone one that grants wishes.
— A cartographer.
The first time I saw him, I didn’t notice that he was lost. We had a great time, talking about our worlds and playing cards. He was terrible, but nobody else knew any of the games I know.   Now we play with others, of course, and he’s less terrible, but… He just has bad luck, you know? And he just doesn't care. You just can't ruin the day of someone like that.
— Gael
There have been granters before, even if they were forgotten. There could be other people doing my current job. Nobody would do it as I do, but that's true for everyone in every job.
— The granter, whenever somebody talks about how he is the heart of the Company.

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