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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2023

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a historical figure still venerated today, and why
A total of 300 entries

Baldasarre Vargosie, The Heartless

King Kasch, the First Mercenary

King Aetrocus Arcadius Maígillith

Smaraldi: Second Eldest and Surely Wisest

Lyra - Saint of the Avenging Flame

Belili Samsuiluna, the first Dwarf

Ithracian: The Fabled War-Master of Old Zuros

Khelios, god of seas and storms

Aroniel Godfrey, the Whistling Pirate

Pirate King Samuel "Ironheart" Rodriguez

The Brother of All Knights, Alexander Zyltar

Lyrielle, the Rainbow Serpent

The Wizard from Rebel Peak

Elaith Zylpeiros du Esther

The Royal Family of Knightband

Lady Seraphina of the Silver Moon

Mares Lótebrius Salsissimus

Nicole, the Celestial of Compassion

Agtharan, Priest-King of Saurotopia

Castellian Harlscurl, The First Stormrider

HTGS Service Commander Rayan Hajjah-Jaafar

Blatikuski, The Prophet of Blati.

Rhazaadia, Angel of the Exiled

SC.2023.24. Reiki Tsu'Reik

Queen Galina Kos the Matriarch

Coruscare's First Emperor

Haugth Powelvyle Crafton the First

The Fell Gold: Jorryn of Devastation

Bahumat aka the Celestial Hammer

Tiago II "Aravil o Ja Miran" of Aldarr

King Stephen "the Great", first King of Woodangees

Warlord Burla'asin of the Great Flock

Reveka Aloumetri, Princess of Vielene

General Julia Whiteflame, the First Angel

Garrond Lesnik, Kaldari Founding Father

Aurelia Augusta Marcella Valeria the Amazon who would be Empress

Mazzu Tr'ruoha-Oulsfiazzo

The Dark Walker, aka Captain Erasmus Thomas