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Among Dreamwalkers, the tale of the first dreamwalker, Kaguya, remains a cherished legend. Born under the celestial glow of a rare comet, Kaguya's destiny was always bound to be intertwined with the ethereal realm of dreams.   As a child in the mountains of Boranga, Kaguya often found herself waking from vivid dreams, her memories of these nighttime adventures feeling tangible and more real than waking life. As she grew older, her fascination with dreams intensified, and she discovered her unique ability to consciously step into the realm of slumber while awake - a rare gift bestowed upon only a select few.   One fateful night, guided by her innate curiosity, Kaguya decided to venture deeper into her dreamscape than ever before. In the dreamworld, she found herself surrounded by a breathtaking landscape filled with vibrant colours and fantastical creatures. To her astonishment, she realised that with sheer concentration, she could shape this dream realm, conjuring structures and objects with her thoughts alone. The objects would vanish if she forgot about them, but she could also make them persist for a longer time if she gave them a place in head.  
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  In awe of her newfound power, Kaguya spent countless nights perfecting her abilities, when she discovered the Dream City of Oon, back then only a remnant of what the first generation of Dreamwalkers had created, barely held alive by the Dream Anchor, a powerful artefact that exists halfway in Alana and halfway in the world of dreams. Each time she entered the dreamworld, the foundations of Oon grew stronger, and she meticulously documented her experiences upon awakening. With each night spent dreamwalking, her understanding of the dream realm deepened, and she learned to craft intricate pathways that would allow other dreamwalkers to traverse Oon.   Kaguya spent her waking hours poring over parchments, writing the first account of dreamwalking - a work that would later become a sacred book among dreamwalkers - driven by the desire to share her discoveries with the world.  
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Through her writings, Kaguya imparted her knowledge of dreamwalking to future generations, giving birth to a tradition of dreamwalkers (after the long forgotten dreamwalking chapter of the Titans) who followed in her footsteps. The Dream City of Oon evolved once more into a sanctuary of dreams and contemplation where dreamwalkers could seek wisdom, solace, and understanding.   As the years passed, Kaguya's reputation as a pioneering dreamwalker grew, and she became a revered figure among dreamwalkers and scholars alike. Her story served as an inspiration to others, encouraging them to embrace the wonders of their own dreams and the limitless possibilities of the dream realm.   To this day, dreamwalkers honour Kaguya as the visionary who laid the foundation for their sacred art, and they pay homage to her by continuing to explore the mysteries of the dreamworld, just as she did in those luminous nights of yore.  
Note: Over time, the Dream City of Oon underwent a transformation at the hands of later Dreamwalkers. Vibrancy, colours, and diversity were deliberately subdued, allowing for smoother travel and easier maintenance of the city's essence. Some still mourn the loss of its former enchanting allure.
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