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Tentacle Press is the name of Margo Weedlebeam's printing company. TP prints the books and maps describing the adventurous travels of Geertruud Smallbottom, takes third-party print requests and also publishes Margo's own creations: raunchy short story collections and novellas that make you blush and gasp for air. At first, Margo's books piggybacked with those of Geertruud, where Margo shipped them together with an added note to the store owners to place her books close to the sought-after Geertruud Smallbottom books. For a few months now, the books sell as good as Geertruud's and don't need any additional help to find a readership.   She has finished the following collections so far:  
Short Story Collections
About Melons and Peaches
Baby, You're A Firework
Don't You Do This?!?
Harder Better Faster Stronger
If Only The Neighbours Knew
Loving slime is not a crime
Once More With Feeling
The Moon Sees It All
The Touchy Octopus
Cradle Of Love
House Mollusca
Light of Delight
Tentacles are people, too
The Secret Garden

A Good Investment
Goggles Of True Seeing
Lightning Rod
Sir Bounce-A-Lot
  The collections carry the name of the first story but contain five more tales each. Some of the stories are about items crafted by Geetruud back in her time as a magical apprentice or crafted by members of Gnome Workshop.   Margo's fanbase is growing fast, but she can only print so many books with her Gnome Workshop Printing Press. That makes the books pretty expensive, some of them even being traded on the underground markets.


Tentacle Press Office

When Margo started printing books and maps, money started rolling in.  
To accommodate the growing need for space, Margo moved the office rooms three times since. Each time Tentacle Press moved into a better part of the city and doubled the usable space. The first office had been a small shack in the outskirts that barely offered enough room for the printing press, two crates with material and Margo's hammock above it all. The second instalment already was in a neighbourhood where people could afford a good meal each day. The office consisted of two medium-sized rooms, one used as a workspace and the second one as a living room for Margo. The office then moved further up to where people send out a maidservant to shop for groceries: larger workroom, additional storage and living room.   The current office is close to the library and the mooring for the airships of the Royal Airship Company of Farenia. The main room on ground level serves as an office and storage room for finished books and maps.
Doors in the back lead into a room housing the printing press and a second room for leisure times when Margo receives guests. The second floor contains Margo's private rooms: kitchen, dining room, bathroom and bedroom.   The bathroom is surprisingly large and inhibited by Margo's favourite pet Rupert, a very touchy octopus. A stressed-out Margo can get a thorough backrub or massage any time of the day, except when Rupert has left the building using the teleport pad, that sends him directly into the sea (The pad also works for Margo. Secret escape route, here we are!) There is a similar device in the ocean on the other side, leading back into the bathroom. Both magic devices have been constructed by Margo.   Rupert is also the name giver for Tentacle Press and Margo's business partner (all the coins in the bathroom belong to him).
  Main room

Tentacle Press Office

Trade & Transport

Tentacle Press sells many books and maps per year to the Great Library of Bridgeport, the Royal Library of Queenshaven and the library in Perelline. The company also delivers books to several small bookstores everywhere in Farenia. If the costs are covered by the receiver, delivery takes place by airship (Bridgeport and Perelline) and only takes one to three days. Everything else gets delivered by cart and/or ship and takes one to three weeks to arrive.

You write it, we print it.

This is GM information
Goods: Margo's and Geertruud's books and prints
Services: Printing of books, pamphlets, maps
GM info / spoilers.
Corporation, Manufacturing
Tentacoins - Small coins with a tentacle on it. Each sold book comes with a Tentacoin. If you buy a book and hand over 10 Tentacoins, you get 10% off the book price.
Manufactured Items
Margo by Artbreeder

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