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Personal acknowledgements

  All content has been created by Oliver Hertel aka Tillerz except when specified otherwise. Please do not copy/use/redistribute. You are allowed to use my world's content for your private roleplaying sessions, you are not allowed to copy/reuse it and include it in your own published products except when explicitely allowed by written permission from me.  


  • Alana Logo made by Timepool.
  • CSS cleanup/rework/changes done by Oneriwien.
  • Several portraits are exclusive commissions done by Martina G.
  • The Hillbunny Fairbark portrait is an exclusive commission done by Jaime Buckley.
  • The Geertruud portrait is an exclusive commission done by ZeD.
  • Some art used licensed/used with permission by Karrah_E
  • Front page quote box text has been pimped up by Matthew, The Veiled Republic.

Other purchased art

  • All icons have been licensed from A-ravlik and REXARD.
  • Some artwork © 2015-2023 Dean Spencer, used with permission. All rights reserved.
  • Some artwork copyright Murzabaev Roman aka s0ulafein, used with permission.
  • Several images have been part of a Kickstarter project which released them to the Public Domain: "The illustrations provided in this art pack have been purchased as works for hire by Sine Nomine Publishing, Inc., and may be used royalty-free by others for both personal or commercial projects and purposes."

Creative Commons, Shareware, Public Domain, DCMA-free

  DCMA-free music:   Iokharic font by PixelSagas ("Pixel Saga’s Shareware Fonts are free to use for personal, non-commercial purposes. No payment is necessary to use Pixel Saga’s Freeware Fonts for personal use, and there is no limit to the amount of prints, pages, or other medium to be produced using them. However, you cannot offer the font for commercial sale, or offer for direct download. The inclusion of the font name and/or site URL in the credits or documentation when it is used is appreciated, but this is not mandatory.")  

Things I made with tools


AI Stuff

  • Some portraits were made with using the CC0 license.
  • Some art was made by Tillerz using Midjourney.
  • Some text based on suggestions by OpenAI.
  • Some art was made by Tillerz using Stable Diffusion (locally with a custom model/database).
  • Some art was made by Tillerz using Wombo Art.

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