Alana Steampunk, Dragons and Top Hats (and Gnomes)

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Created 2019-2021 by Tillerz

Alana, home to magic and fantastical species, a plaything of the godlike Titans. For centuries, they reigned unbridled, and woe be to those that crossed their fancy. No hero nor being could challenge them, until a group of entities that called themselves the Old Gods of Alana rose from the shadows to strike the Titans down for their tyranny. Though these gods could not match them in open battle, they bested them with subterfuge, trapping the Titans in a different realm. With the runestones removed from the gateway, it would stay shut forever, an infallible protection of Alana's freedom.   That is, if these runestones could not be found.
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Never read such a ridiculous thing!
  • Isa F. Ache
  • Beware! Highly addicting.
  • Dr Nob Oddy
  • Could not stop laughing for hours.
  • N. Ossutsch-Persson
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