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Bridgeport County

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Made for the #CallOfCartography Challenge 2020.   Challenge notes: made with Affinity Photo, added trees via WonderDraft, buildings from Epic World Style Set #4 by Russ Hapke, cloud layer by Digital Heavens.
Bridgeport County is home to a variety of little communities that are hidden within the lush green hills. Everyone from fishermen to hunters to spice farmers and peat cutters has found a place to call home in this region. Its pleasant climate, abundance of wildlife, and diverse range of resources make it a pleasant and financially rewarding area to live and work. The County is well-known for its agricultural production and commercial trade.


  Humans are the most frequent species in this region because they were the ones who established the first settlements here, followed by elves and dwarves who crossed over from neighbouring kingdoms. Numerous other species can be discovered in and around the city of Bridgeport, with their numbers diminishing as one moves further out from the city.  


  Because it is a part of the Farenian Empire, the county encompasses all of the lands surrounding the port city of Bridgeport. It is governed by the Council of Ten, a body comprised of representatives from the County's most prominent guilds, with the Farenian Empire having the authority to override any decision at any moment, provided they are given notice of the decision in advance of doing so.  
Bridgeport County
Most southern part of Farenia.

Two households, both alike in dignity...

The majority of people in the County define their lives by their hard work, but there is a black cloud hovering over everything: the rivalry between two powerful families, the Garibaldi and the Calafado. Both families are involved in the spice trading business, and together they control around 80 percent of the spice trade in the County. Both families grasp every opportunity to hurt the other while also gaining an advantage for their own interests.
Tonio Calafado and Aristide Garibaldi are at the heart of the battle. Both are members of the Council of Ten, and their animosity has spread to the city administration. A number of policies that would have been beneficial to the County of Bridgeport have been thwarted by one of them. Their only motivation was to stand in opposition to one another. Many people, both residents and family members, suffer as a result of this centuries-old animosity.

Current Events

  Because of the Festival of the Rusty Pipe happening in Bridgeport, the whole County is busy producing groceries and toys and other things that could be sold for a lot of money to all the visitors. Also many were awaiting the arrival of the Cirque de Solani, which just has set up their tents outside Bridgeport.


Bridgeport County is sitting on top of the isthmus between Western Continent of Boresia and the Central Continent of Qail.  
Bridgeport County by Tillerz using MidJourney

Northern County

With reddish and shiny flanks, the Copper Mountain is dominating the central north. Almost 2,400 feet high, it can be seen from almost everywhere in the County. Farenian scientists have tried to uncover its nature, but to no avail so far. Magic seems to weaken and finally perish, the closer you come to the mountain.   Starting at Bridgeport, a road leads out of the County all the way north to Queenshaven 150 miles away. Until today carts driving down the road from Queenshaven and from Holinda, a small harbour village at the north side of the isthmus, are vital trade connections for the County's only city. Wealthy travellers as well as smaller freight and letters come via airship of the Royal Airship Company of Farenia, as Bridgeport is official stop on their route. About twice a week an airship makes halt for six hours.  
  The administration of the Farenian Empire has decided to connect both cities via direct ship routes. To accomplish this an enormous undertaking has begun: the Bridgeport Channel. About 70% of the channel have been constructed already. Fate doesn not seem to mean it well with the channel though ... there have been accidents and mysterious occurrences, also several workers have not returned to work in the morning.  

Goblin Gazetteer

Airship tower burns for the third time!

Bridgeport Channel Problems - Sabotage or Incompetence?

Festival of the Rusty Pipe - All Events!

Full 8 page issue only 2 pennies!

Central County

  The massive ruins of the Citadel of Shartol speak of bygone powers. A swarm of crows is circling the sky above the old building all day long. Many decades ago the castle has been built on top of an even older castle, reusing material from the ancient ruins. Francis Shartol and his family were happy and friendly people, but over the years they secluded themselves more and more. The construction of the castle continued for many years, but the visible extensions got darker and more twisted with time until finally the last workers just vanished. Due to the spooky looks everyone only calls the building Citadel of Shartol. It seems to be deserted now.  

Southern County

  Closer to Qail the isthmus becomes swampy, with branches of rotting trees hanging down into gurgling, muddy puddles. For travellers, it is near impossible to cross over all the way to Qail, especially when wearing heavy armor or when accompanied by horses and waggons. Weird noises from unknown creatures can be heard all day and night and a foul odor is hanging in the air. Several defense towers have been built to fend off whatever might come from Qail. Several times the Loitee Tower has been destroyed and two attempts to rebuild it failed. Nightly attacks scared away anyone trying to repair the tower.

Ecosystem Cycles


Biome: Warm Temperate Forest
Avg. Temperature: 15 °C (low: -10 °C, high: 32 °C)
Avg. Precipitation: 1 m / year
Avg. Snowfall: 2.77 m / year
Prevailing Winds: southwest to northeast
Ocean Currents: warm

Fauna & Flora

Coverage Flora: Cloud Grass, Oat Grass, Glittering Wood Moss, Fire Moss, Haircap Moss, Bean Bush, Hornbeam Maple, Blueberry Bush, Allegheny Vine, Bleeding Heart
Total Coverage: 85%
  Trees: Grapefruit Tree (13%), Dogwood (18%), Hickory (28%), Avocado Tree (16%), Orange Tree (25%)
Cultivated Crops: Blueberries, Bean, Chia, Farro, Triticale, Jute, Lettuce, Garlic, Pumpkin, Mushrooms
Livestock: Chicken, Cattle
Wild Animals: Mouse, Rat, Peccaries, Cougar, Boar, Wolves
Aquatic Animals: Smelt, Dogfish, Orange Roughy, Shad, Bass, Crab, Clams, Squid
  The climate is warm and humid, ideal for growing a wide variety of plants.   Cotton bushes are a relatively new plant to the County, but they are growing everywhere now and have been boosting the business for weavers and cloth makers in the past years. The wild growing cotton has been pushing back some domestic plants and also wildlife.   The County is famous for its fine assortment of spices that are shipped to cities even far, far away. Some of those spices are very rare to find and sell to spice aficionados for tremendous amounts of money. Examples are the Curled Red Mistletoe and the extra hot Stag Pepper. Bipinnated Sorrel is traditionally used for flavouring fish and an ingredient you can find in almost any kitchen within the Farenian Empire.   And then there are the mushrooms ...  
"The Crooked House in Bridgeport offers you the best mushroom dishes.
There is no comparable food. Like it or like it!"
  Several small fishing villages on the east coast specialise in squid (and ink), crabs, and pearls, while Gawasik fishermen in the south are looking for whales.   Peat cutters in the County's far south produce waggon loads of heating material for cold winter nights. Peat prices have been rising for some time, as it has become increasingly dangerous to extract it from the area connecting Bridgeport County to the Wild Lands in the east. Langefest is the only major settlement for peat cutting.

Natural Resources

Stone: Sandstone, Granite, Laterite, Slate
Ore & Gems: Onyx, Silver
  Silver ore in the northeastern rocky hills of the County is being mined by the Rich Rocks Mining Company exclusively and delivered to the Farenian Exchequer in Queenshaven where the Farenian Silver Dollar is minted.

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First off, this is a very nice start. The article and map both look very good. Your writing is good, especially since you say that you aren't that good at English and you manage to portray this region very well. This is not even considering the effort of linking all the different characters and locations, which do their own to make this region feel part of a larger world. Good use of quotes and pictures as well. With a bit more work and care, this article can be something excellent.   Outside of grammatical and spelling mistakes, all the things I noted are based on my opinion. If you disagree with some of the things I say that's fine, I don't want to lecture you on how to write.     General Stuff:   You tend to start your sentences with "The". I'd advise to try and think of different ways to begin your lines. If you read sentenc after sentence starting with the same word/group of words, your brain will take notice and the article doesn't read as well anymore.   Another thing are spelling and grammar mistakes. I tried to mention most of the ones I could find, but maybe you could put the article through a spell checker to iron a few things out.   Lastly, I cannot help, but notice the empty sidebar. Not a criticism, especially since you mentioned that your still working on it, but a full sidebar makes the article look better and can give you ample amount of space for additional information on your region. Things like "Notable Events, Traditions, Characters" and so on. It can really help to make the region feel more, well "real".     Intro:   So the intro doesn't really work that well. What I mean is that it doesn't really draw you into the region. Maybe you could do like "A rich land, torn apart by the feud of two families..." and so on. It doesn't have to be much. 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Something like "Their sole reason to oppose one another."   In the following paragraph you could just write "Many, citizens and family members alike, suffer due to this age old feud." and have the two character articles be linked via the words "family" and "members". It could fit better into the context of this part.     Geography - Northern Area:   Its "on top" not "ontop".   In this part - "The central north of the County is dominated by a giant monolithic rock, called the Copper Mountain because of its color. It is about 2,400 feet high and can be seen from alsmost everywhere in the County." - you can leave the "central" out. Unless there is another huge land formation in the north, it doesn't need to be specified.   The - "because of its colour" - feels a little tagged onto the sentence. It may work better if you wrote smth like "Its reddish flanks, which have given the rock its name, rise over 2400 feet above the countryside and..." It could make the description flow better.   Spelling mistake here, its "almost". Also "sofar" needs to be separated.   A comma would follow after "From Bridgeport".   "between both city". It would be "cities".   This line - "also the ship line from Queenshaven to Holinda, from where carts transport goods and wares further to Bridgeport." - works better as its own sentence. Start with "Another important connection is...". Keeps the individual sentences shorter and can be read better.   And it would be "shipping line" since "ship" is used as an adjective here.   In the next paragraph - ", which is not possible right now." - isn't really necessary and reads kinda clunky. Simply start the next sentence with "To accomplish this..." It saves you a few words and says the same thing.   "About 70% of the channel have..." - It would be "has". Since its a single object, the following verb needs to be singular as well. You'd use "have" if you were talking about a number of roads being constructed, for example.   You could replace - "has found a liking in the construction of the channel" - with "is fond of the project". Same thing, but fewer words.   "mysterious happenings" - Maybe smth like "occurences" would sound better? Just my opinion though.   "also some workers didn't reappear in the morning. " - While not wrong, it sounds a little off. "...haven't returned..." could make the sentence flow better.     Central Area:   "A murder of crows..." - Maybe you thought of smth different, but it would be a "flock" or "swarm" of crows.   A comma is missing after - "For travellers"   And it would be "reconstruct" rather than "reconstructing".     Southern Area:   It would be - "but they are growing everywhere".   "clothe makers" is written separately.   " plants and also wildlife depending on those. " - You can leave the last three words out. They don't really add anything and make the sentence sound a bit strange.   "The County is famous specially for its fine assortment of spices that are shipped even to cities far, far away. " - The words "specially" and "even" can be removed. They aren't necessary and make the sentence a bit wordy.   "Some of those spices are very rare to find and sell to spice aficionados for tremendous amounts of money, examples are the Curled Red Mistletoe and the extra hot Stag Pepper. Bipinnated Sorrel is traditionally used for flavouring fish. " - I'd replace the comma between "money" and "examples" with a period. Making it two sentences makes it easier to read and the whole passage seem smoother.   There needs to be a comma after - "In the southern half of the County"   Now I'd like to say that I do not intend to sound harsh or insulting. If I did so, then I deeply apologize. There may be a few mistakes here and there, but this is really a nice article/fundament for an article, and it can only get better. I hope I could help you with my feedback.

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Nice map, good layers. Good formatting, visually appealing article. I particularly enjoyed the text boxes that add a lot of character and a bit of levity to the article: The Goblin Gazetteer and the quote about mushrooms

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