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Syrgos is a small village in the northeast of Bridgeport County and is inhabited by about sixty families (twenty of which are Mousari). The village is famous for its production of a huge variety of sheep milk cheese (also called feta cheese), ranging from the plain whites, to the herb-spiced, to those varieties grown with the live-larva of insects.  

Cheese Wars

  Since a cure for stomachache when eating cheese has been found, the inhabitants of Han have developed a high demand for special cheeses from Syrgos. Now when their weekly deliveries for cheese suddenly stopped, the League of Cheese Aficionados (LOCA) of Bridgeport found out that all cheese shipments leave for Han. Getting paid three times the money they usually get from LOCA, the cheesemakers didn't even blink when accepting the orders from Han. LOCA, being without cheese for their Cheese of the Month event, stormed to Holinda and blocked the harbour to prevent any cheese exports.  

The Secret of the Cheese

  "It's the fresh air!" - "It's our water!" - "It's the grass!" - This is all wrong. The special taste of Syrgos' sheep cheese is a secret of the local Mousari families. When the farmers have sent out their sheep, the Mousari ride on top of the farmers' dogs and direct them to corral the sheep into the Shadow Wilds, a huge forest east of Sygros. When the sheep feed on the acorns, chestnuts and different mosses that grow only in the Shadow Wilds, they produce milk with a very special taste, that is processed into a uniquely flavoured cheese variety, exclusive to Syrgos.   As their work is not being recognized by anyone, the Mousari just take their part of the cheese production as "payment.  

The Cheesemaker Song

Sheep, sheep, sheep all day.
This is what we do:
Get their milk and make the cheese.
Eat a steamy stew.
  Cheese, cheese, cheese all day.
This is what we do:
Put in spices, make the cheese.
Rinse, repeat, redo.
  Sleep, sleep, sleep all night.
This is what we do:
Count the sheep until the morn'.
All the sheep go: baaaaaaaaaaah!

Industry & Trade

Syrgos exports milk, cheese, wool and smoked eel and it purchases baskets and boxes from Panossa and squid liquor from Tasdale.


Once a month, the farmers of Yolo visit during their own Beer Run Festival.
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Bridgeport County
Most southern part of Farenia.


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