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Bridgeport Channel

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The Bridgeport Channel has been under construction for two years right now and shall connect the seas in the east and west of Bridgeport. Currently travellers and most wares for Bridgeport go by ship to the small village Holinda in the northeast. Afterwards the travel continues in waggons or carts. A sea line will make everything much more convenient.
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Plot Hooks

Left in shables - The camps of the construction workers have been attacked several times by undead. A reward has been put out to stop this.   A hole in a hole - While the construction was underway, a section of the channel floor unexpectedly collapsed, exposing a sealed stone entry adorned with unfamiliar symbols. The site was promptly cordoned off, and experts were dispatched. However, they mysteriously disappeared.
Bridgeport County
Most southern part of Farenia.


  • Bridgeport Channel
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