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Jan 4, 2023 12:53 by Racussa

The name caught me, before I realized what the article was about - a good hook. I like the surface and the GM masters information separation; the visual style of the article is breathtaking (although on glimpse into one of the private rooms would've been interesting as well. One thing I'd expected was the explanation of the name: Why is it called 'Cats house'? Is 'cat' a nickname for prostitutes in your world? Does the patron have a special cat (like Blofelds white Angora cat to signal the evil)?

The world is not enough.
Jan 4, 2023 17:57 by Tillerz

Good idea about the interior of a room. About the cats, look up the article about Delilah, the owner of the house.

Jan 4, 2023 18:04 by Racussa

Thank you for the advice. I've read the article, and now I know the origin of the name :-)

The world is not enough.
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