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Great Library of Bridgeport

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The Great Library of Bridgeport is one of the largest and oldest libraries in Farenia. It houses valuable ancient manuscripts, books, maps, scrolls and artifacts from all over the globe. The library existed even before the city was founded; Bridgeport had been built ontop of the ruins of an ancient settlement, and the library was one of the few buildings that was still mostly intact. Its ground level parts have undergone many changes, but the many basement levels resisted any modification tries and are still a mystery.  
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The Librarians
The librarians of the Guild of Cartographers, Mapmakers and Scribes are professionally sorting, indexing and copying many of the documents. None of them are ever leaving the library. If you want to read anything, you have to do it there.   Many of the librarians are last year students of the Arcane Academy, earning themselves a bit of money and using their job as easy access to all the books they might need. The official outfit of the librarians is a green uniform with golden decor, including a vest and a skirt or trousers.  
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  What makes this library so special is its hidden secrets that remain mysterious to many. Here are some of them:  
  • An array of very detailed strange statues made out of an unknown material scattered throughout the building.
  • The secret chamber located on basement level two that contains magical books that can only be accessed by those with special permission.
  • A collection of rare documents written in an unknown language stored away at basement level three.
  • The enchanted room on basement level four where you can hear whispers coming from old texts.
Selection of books
  • The Tome of the Forgotten Dead: An ancient tome bound in human skin, this book is said to contain secrets about the afterlife that no mortal should ever know. Legends say that those who dare open its pages are doomed to madness and death.
  • The Book of Unknowable Knowledge: A large leather-bound volume containing countless mysterious symbols and diagrams, this book has been studied by generations of scholars with no one coming any closer to understanding its true meaning or purpose.
  • Kitab wong mati: This dark text contains forbidden knowledge from beyond time and space, and it's rumored that anyone who reads it will be granted unimaginable power - but at what price?
  • Samana dī kitāba: Written in a strange circly language, this book is said to contain instructions for summoning creatures from other realms, including angels and demons alike. At least the drawings in the book suggest this idea.
  • Knjiga izgubljenog proroka: This ancient tome was discovered in the depths of Bridgeport's Great Library and is said to contain prophecies from a long-forgotten civilization. It is written in an unknown language, but those brave enough to try and decipher it claim that the words within are powerful and mysterious.
  • Místico nisqa kawsaqkuna: Discovered inside a hidden chamber beneath Bridgeport's Great Library, this book contains detailed accounts about magical creatures such as dragons, fae, and other mythical beings that have existed throughout history across multiple cultures around the world - all compiled into one volume.
  Who knows what else could lie beneath its depths? So if you are ever visiting Bridgeport make sure you take some time out to explore this legendary location.
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