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Brumurum Honorbrow

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Brumurum Honorbrow is a permanently angry dwarf and owner of the Kobold Fight Club in Bridgeport. He has been running his fight club for almost a decade now, growing it from humble beginnings to become one of most popular (illegal) fighting arenas in town.   Perhaps due to some painful memories of the past, Brumurum developed strong anti-social tendencies which manifest themselves through intense bouts of anger whenever things don't go according to plan at Kobold Fight Club or otherwise disrupts his daily routine (such as someone showing up late). These outbursts can be truly frightening if you're not used to them yet but once you do get accustomed then they become somewhat normal parts of interacting with such a hardened character like himself. In any case though - it’s best advised that respect is shown towards this fiery owner.  
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Brumurum had tricked the previous owners of the Kobold Fight Club in Bridgeport and taken it over without any legal authority or permission from them. He runs the club as if he owns it outright and keeps all its profits for himself.   What most people don't know is that Brumurum is also involved with pirates, who frequent his fight club and bring him illegal goods to sell on the black market. Not only does he create an opportunity for these criminals to make money, but he also takes a cut of their profits.   He also uses his influence as the owner of the fight club to recruit new members into the pirate gang, offering them a chance at riches if they join up with the team and help him expand his criminal empire further out into the sea. Of course, those who refuse are threatened with physical harm or death unless they comply - leaving no other option but to accept Brumurum's offer of employment under duress.
The map of Bridgeport, a harbour city located in the south of Farenia, showcases a maritime center characterized by vibrant activity and bustling trade. Unlike other cities in Farenia, Bridgeport's harbour opens onto a different sea, setting it apart and granting it a unique status. To bolster its connectivity and reinforce its importance in regional trade, the ambitious Bridgeport Channel project is underway. Not everyone is pleased with the construction of the new channel, leading to a surge in violent resistance...  
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