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Sendra Aya

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female human (chaotic good), 165cm, 55kg, auburn hair, brown eyes, tanned skin
ambitious+4, insecure+3, caring+2, lonely+1
Sendra Aya is a young female singer who dreams of becoming a star. She had been performing in the local medieval opera house for years, but her talent and drive were not enough to take her career any further. Although she held on to hope, Sendra often felt overwhelmed by doubt and fear whenever she thought about having to make it big someday.   One day, however, Sendra's luck changed when an unknown figure appeared backstage after one of her performances - someone who took it upon themselves to teach Sendra how to really excel at singing and performance. This mysterious person gave her tips on how best express herself through song as well as advice that would help build up both confidence and courage which allowed the budding artist within Sendra finally come out into the light.   Unfortunately there is also another obstacle standing in her way: Carla Otteri – a diva whose name carries much weight in the world of operas across the country – seems determined to prevent anyone else from rising above what she already has achieved so far; including stopping Sendra’s rise completely if necessary! Despite this setback though, Sendra remained undaunted and with help from those around them began training even harder than before. With each passing day, she grows closer towards achieving success while learning valuable lessons along way such as never giving up despite circumstances looking bleak or overwhelming.  
A day in the life of Sendra Aya   Sendra Aya wakes up early each day in her small, cramped apartment in the medieval city of Bridgeport. She begins her morning with a hot cup of tea and some light stretching before preparing for her first job of the day - rehearsals at the local opera house. Here she works on perfecting various pieces that she will soon be performing onstage, two times a week.   After finishing rehearsals Sendra makes her way to The Cat House, an entertainment house where she is employed as an escort. This involves entertaining patrons by singing and dancing while wearing elaborate or skimpy costumes; often these clients pay large sums for such services so this provides Sendra with much needed income which helps supplement what little money comes from performing at the Opera House.  
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In between jobs Sendra takes time out to explore all that Bridgeport has to offer: its many little eating businesses and markets providing inspiration for new performances or just quiet moments after work; taking part in festivals around town or simply strolling along cobbled streets admiring architecture from centuries past – all experiences which help keep alive both the spirit inside but also those watching when performance night arrives again.   When evening falls she wanders back home for rest before starting another hard working yet fulfilling day once more tomorrow.   Sendra often wishes she had friends with whom she could share her time in the city.  
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Home of Sendra Aya
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She works at The Cat House in addition to her primary employment as a means of meeting all of her financial obligations and to keep up her rapidly increasing lifestyle.  
What the future brings
  Sendra will be kidnapped by Horfheiger Standingloaf after one of her performances and brought aboard his ship. They are going to be married and then rule the sea together. Months later Horfheiger will have a tragic "accident" and get lost at sea.
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In a few years, there will be rumors: Sendra Aya is a legendary pirate queen who has become something of an urban legend. She is renowned for her daring and skill at sea, where she has earned a reputation as one of the most feared pirates in history.   However, Sendra's notoriety isn't limited to just piracy; it seems that every now and then she sneaks back into Bridgeport, her hometown, to work as an escort at The Cat House, a popular establishment in the area. While some question why this notorious criminal would choose to do such a thing, those close to Sendra know that she loves the thrill and excitement associated with this side job of hers.   It's said that when Sendra works at The Cat House, no other escorts can compare due to her exceptional beauty and charisma, which captivate all who come into contact with her. Her visits are always brief, as word of her presence spreads quickly, prompting authorities eager for justice to pursue her once more.

Plot Hooks

Sendra Aya by Tillerz using MidJourney
The price of fame - Sendra is approached by an anonymous person who offers her the opportunity to become renowned in the world of opera; nevertheless, this person has malicious plans that, if she accepts his offer, may also endanger her life. Keywords: warlock, demon, possession.   I know what you did in your spare-time - When a certain notable nobleman discovers that Sendra works as an escort for the Cat House, he demands special favours from her and threatens her that if she does not comply, everyone in the city will learn about her side employment. Keywords: blackmail, extortion.   Gossip girl - After being asked to perform on one of Bridgeport's most prominent venues, rumours spread regarding why this unknown singer was picked over more seasoned singers. At this point, all eyes are on Sendra, as many speculate on what mysteries may be concealed behind such rapid achievement. Keywords: rumours.   Blank page - Sendra is offered the chance to do a one-of-a-kind performance at the opera house; unfortunately, she realises that the production has been sabotaged (eg important sheets of music are missing) and must find the perpetrator in order to rescue the performance. Keywords: sabotage, acquisition.  
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Out of nowhere - Sendra is engaged as an escort for one of the Cat House's VIP clients by the owner. On their walk home, however, they are attacked by unknown assailants who want something from the VIP visitor, putting both of them in danger. Keywords: attack.   A pirate's love is the sea. And Sendra Aya. - Someone has a secret infatuation on Sendra, as shown by the fact that they are continually leaving gifts outside her dressing room without revealing who they are; does this person have something sinister in mind, or are they just attempting to get closer to her? Keywords: love, admiration.   A friend in need - An old friend of Sendra's appears out of nowhere and requests her aid in rescuing his brother from the hands of some terrible criminals with whom he had been embroiled. Will she put herself in danger to help her friend, despite the fact that all signs point to calamity on the horizon? Surely she cannot do this herself/alone. Keywords: kidnapping, rescue.
The Opera House
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Sendra's small apartment lies in the Bustling district with its main entrance towards the Upper Market.

Current Location
Aligned Organization

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