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Opera House

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The Guild of Actors and Entertainers is in charge of managing the Opera House, which can be found in the far northeastern part of the market area. In addition, the guild's headquarters are located here.  
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The Opera House hosts a variety of performances on a consistent basis; some of them are given by members of the opera crew, while others are given by invited visitors. On some days, the stage of the opera house is available for use by any willing performer; on other days, the big chamber of the opera house is used for events such as celebrations, talks, or debates.   Queen Eleanor Rani of Farenia is in attendance at the Opera House for many of the premieres; she travels all the way from Queenshaven by airship to be there.  
Day of WeekPerformanceBy
1.Play of the month, repeated weekly.Opera staff
2.Public City Council.Proclamations and hearings
3.Closed for cleaning and constructions.
4.Rehearsals, then Music Night.Invited performers
5.Open Stage: Lyrics.Anyone is welcome to take the stage and read a poem, whether it is
well-known or not. Poems that are widely known are often performed
in a way that gives them a whole different meaning by using
extra gestures and grimaces. This is the one thing that everyone
agrees is their favourite in the week.
6.Play of the month, repeated weekly.Opera staff
7.Rehearsals, then Open Stage: Music.Anyone can enter the stage and give a musical performance.
8.Free to rent for the day or blocks of 3 hours.
9.Open Stage: Dance.Anyone can perform.
10.Rehearsals, then Open Stage: Acts.Anyone can perform a play.
These are usually short, frivolous, and funny.
  During the other days, the House is occupied for rehearsals at daytime and occasionally rented by various organizations for all kind of meetings or conventions in the evenings.  


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The Opera is a white, two-storey high building with a couple of stairs leading up to the main entrance, which is also the only entrance for regular visitors. The front of the building consists of three almost equally sized rooms: the entrance hall with some tables and chairs and a counter in the centre, and by doors separated rooms to the left and right with additional seating space for wealthy people. Stairs from the side rooms lead directly to the visitor seats in the upper level. A double-winged door opens from the entrance hall into the big auditorium.   The stage floor is only slightly higher than the main room, separated from it by the orchestra pit half a level down.   Note: Images of all four levels (rooftop, upper floor, main floor, basement) are hidden in a secret.    

Environments and Effects

  The Gnome Workshop's contributors have put in place a few mechanisms that will make life a little bit simpler at the Opera House. The curtains may be opened at the touch of a button, and when they are moved, the stage props give the illusion that they are floating above the stage. A little machine placed in the front of the stage is able to produce smoke in addition to various hues of light.

Plot Hooks

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Once more with feeling - Several plays in the past few months got very emotional, where the audience got so terrified that it fled the building in panic. During other plays, the audience broke out in everlasting laughter, people becoming unconscious due to exhaustion. The guild is stumped and looking for some answers.   A voice in the dark - People have said that they have heard a haunting voice singing in the dead of night.   Ten Candles - There have been threats repeatedly to blow up the Public City Council. Two times nothing has happened, as the security has been really tight, but that level of protection cannot be held up forever. So someone needs to find out what is going on and "fix it".

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