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Answers to this prompt

The Glass Gardens

by Serukis

The Shadow Lounge

by tjtrewin

Battle Arena

by Michael Chandra

Path of Delights Café

by Naelin

Club Kismet

by Ademal

Oames Bathhouse

by Rynn19

The Cherry on Top

by Karpsy

Illame Aleria

by yeslittlehummingbird

Lounge of Laebh

by thechangeling

Stalagmite Library

by RiverFang

Aurora's theatre

by Catoblepon

Grig's Grotto

by kitoypoy

Glass Gardens

by Sloqush


by hcraven

Pollux Zero-G Fun Park and Res...

by nearlyoctagonal

The Grandview Amphitheater

by Lethann

The Selonnet Ice Sanctum

by Brinsmead

The Prism

by LovelyLeslie

Club 105

by BCGR_Wurth

The Calming Shelters

by Kaleidechse

The Caraed

by Monkos

The healthy ginny

by Laria

The Silver Grizzly

by FiveFootSquare


by Vertixico

Tony's Pizza

by SoulLink

Old Ellician Bathhouses

by TheCavemanMan

The Copper Citadel

by PrideAscending

The Last Bar On Earth

by TheSolitaryGamer

The Nimble Drunkard Tavern

by Eallixy

The Phoenix

by Rashkavar

Tournament list of Bayzeron

by Gargoyles

Mabara Public Bathhouse

by Starfarertheta

Maid's Mess

by hughpierre

Rainbow Serpent

by CassandraSojourn

Retnouc's Counter

by SilikG

Roller Kingdom

by eccbooks

Sarahha Dance Theater

by Frogdrake

Food World Bite

by BasicDragon

Kalen Baths

by LauraVAB

The Lush Lollipop

by mergandore

The Sunny Steppe

by KajetanWrites

Koninklijke Toneelzaal

by Jacob-W


by Secondhand

The Bliss Tea Room

by BasicDragon

The Flot

by Lady Grayish

The Horny Devil

by DapperCapricorn

The Majestic Trunk

by amelianite

The Regolith and Kytholith Hot...

by Chrispy_0

The School House

by amaretdoe

The Sugar Star

by Sami-Ardens

Two Steps

by Laurabones

Autoshow Theater

by Zephlimorak

Badehaus Bad Wegesruh

by lordofcrebain

Baths of Çarimbal

by Tuisku

Blue Dolphin Inn

by lartra

Blue Lady Spa

by Valcin

Cafe Dawn/Club Twilight

by sadwaffle

Chirdyn's Hall

by Page of Harmony

Club Snowflake

by DMMyali

Dragons breath Sauna and hot s...

by Lillithwolf


by Anpumes

Echopticon marquee theaters.

by Blackblood107


by Hatchie Studio


by RogueOfSpoons

Gillty Halibutt

by Lyraine Alei

Golem Race Place: Needs A Cool...

by DavidLSackett

Hospitality House

by Lnphysics

Imperial Bathhouse

by Gottes Macht

Iucundus Aurae

by $heckles

Le Jardin de la Renaissance

by Neymeless

Lumara Central Plaza

by brunotboccardo


by Alresu

Mooncity Train Hotel

by deadsteve21

Mud Baths

by esongbird24601

Mudwurth's Tavern

by Wordigirl

Nicodemian Library of the Hidd...

by Tris


by Luk98

Opera House

by Tillerz

Outcast Hall

by Newrome

Palace Aviary

by hwarner007

Peairo's Gateway



by BasicDragon

Rail Canyon

by Gapsule, Ruler of Flying Battery


by Kaari13

Scarlet Candle Inn

by Shell Mel

Shore's Bounty

by axym09

Sungear Public Library

by Adcheryl

Ten Forward

by Alay_West

The Bards And The Bees

by Sunflame

The Brynwin Sanctuary Gardens

by Moondare

The Endmere Coliseum

by RPGDinosaurBob

The Hall

by davidarthursteele

The Krellus Instant Dungeon

by Oktabyte

The Lily of The Tor

by Hofsta

The Pools of the White Cliff

by engineer_tom

The Quiet of Desire

by HituraRael

The Waste

by KK_Quincy

The Waterborne

by Teasugarsalt


by Drake Ragon

Trefot Underjorden

by xtremepsy

Twilight Stadium

by S.P. Jayaraj

Uruk and Borgal's Resort and S...

by NorthWhiteWolf

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